4th International Conference on Food Oral Processing

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Effects of structural and mechanical properties of brittle cereal foams on disintegration of food during in vivo mastication
Syed Ariful Alam1, Saara Pentikainen1, Johanna Narvainen1, Ulla Holopainen-Mantila1, Kaisa Poutanen1, Nesli Sozer1.1
VTT Technical Research Centre (Espoo, FI).
Abstract: Structural and textural differences of solid cereal foams influence their breakdown during mastication. Bolus formation and digestibility are also affected by composition and proportions of dietary fibre and starch. The aim of this study was to investigate how the structural differences of solid cereal foams (puffs vs. flakes) affect in vivo chewing and in vitro starch digestion. Four extruded puffs and flakes were produced from endosperm rye flour by extrusion processing without or with 10% rye bran (RB) addition. Extruded puffs and flakes were masticated by fifteen healthy females and the process was monitored using electromyography. Extruded puffs were more porous (97 vs 35%) compared to the flakes. They were also significantly different (p < 0.05) in their textural properties such as hardness and crispiness. Addition of 10% RB did not play a significant role on structural (e.g., porosity, average cell diameter and cell wall thickness) and mastication properties (e.g., number of chews, chewing time, total work and work/chew) both for puffs and flakes. Mastication of puffs required less total work (204 vs 456%) than that of flakes. Puffs were degraded to smaller particles than flakes during mastication. No significant (p < 0.05) differences were observed between puffs and flakes (86.4 vs 85.1) in terms of starch hydrolysis rate but RB addition increased hydrolysis index of flakes to 94.5 due to the increased number of particles in the bolus. The results indicate that although the structure, texture and oral disintegration process of puffs and flakes remarkably differed from each other, their hydrolysis rate was similar.
Period4 Jul 2016
Event typeConference
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