Dr. Prontera’s research plan at the Aleksanteri Institute is entitled ‘Forms of State and the Great Reconfiguration in East–West Energy Relations: Italy, Russia and the New Politics of Consumer–Producer Cooperation in the EU and Beyond’. As the title suggests, Dr. Prontera will study the transformations that have occurred in Italian–Russian energy relations, with a special focus on the natural gas sector and the dynamics of the last two decades. This piece of research is a part of a larger research project Dr. Prontera is working on, which seeks to examine the structural transformations in the energy relations between EU member states and their major gas suppliers. This research project stems from his previous work on the politics of energy security in the EU, which is conflated in his latest book: The New Politics of Energy Security in the European Union and Beyond. States, Markets, Institutions (2017, Routledge). In this book, Dr. Prontera has developed a conceptual framework based on an International Political Economy approach and the notion of ‘forms of state’, which he has applied to map the transformations in the states–market nexus in EU internal and external energy governance. Building on these findings, Dr. Prontera will extend his theoretical and conceptual framework in order to analyse the current patterns of Italian–Russian energy relations as the result of the parallel evolution in the forms of state in both countries.
Period10 May 2018 - 10 Jun 2018
Visiting fromUniversity of Macerata (Italy)
Visitor degreeAssistant Professor of Political Science
Degree of RecognitionInternational