Gas Phase Synthesis of Multifunctional Fe-based Nanocubes

Zhao, J. (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentation typesOral presentation


Formation mechanism of Fe nanocubes in magnetron sputtering inert gas condensation
chamber was reported previously [1]. In the recent study [2], considering that nucleation
happens within a short distance from the sputtering target, we utilize the highpermeability
and resultant screening effect induced by magnetic Fe targets of various
thicknesses to manipulate the magnetic field configuration and plasma confinement. We
can switch from bimodal to single-Gaussian size distributions of Fe nanocubes by modifying
their primordial thermal environments, as explained by a combination of modelling
methods. Simultaneously, we obtain a material yield increase of more than one order
of magnitude compared to experiments using post-growth mass filtration. We further
demonstrate the unprecedented NO2 detection performance for Fe-based chemoresistive
gas sensors by the deposition of Fe nanocubes on microhotplate devices.
Period23 Mar 2017
Held atDepartment of Physics
Degree of RecognitionInternational