Gry Vold

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesNon-academic visit at UH


Visit to Finland to investigate digital assessment in secondary and primary education.
Visitors: Gry Vold, School Advisor on final evaluations and level tests
Salik Schmidt, Consultant for educational statistics and evaluation

Host Marja Tamm

Visit included a visit to
The Centre for Educational Assessment, University of Helsinki
Host: Marja Tamm and Lotta Avelin

Visit to The Matriculation Examination Board
Host Tiina Tähkä, Thomas Vikberg and Joni Lämsä

Visit to Espoon yhteislyseon (lukio) Upper Secondary School
Host Tom Gladh

Visit to Helsinki Normal Lyceum
Host: Jaana Silvennoinen
Period25 Nov 201926 Nov 2019
Visiting fromEducational Agency, Nuuk (Greenland)
Degree of RecognitionInternational