Teaching assistant

  • Abdul Ghafar (Participant)

Activity: Other activity typesTypes for other activities - External teaching and subject coordination


Pack-Age is an Interdisciplinary Packaging Design Project course organized by Aalto University (from March to May 2016). The course was consisting of 4 clients/ cases, of which 3 are commercial clients/cases and one was more experimental and future concept case from the University of Helsinki. Students from various background, skills and competencies were divided into groups, and each group were assigned to work with client on their cases. Student groups were involved in the problem-based learning with real client briefs.

As a client from University of Helsinki, Me (Abdul Ghafar) and Kirsi Mikkonen were involved in the Pack-Age course. Kirsi Mikkonen was involved in teaching the lectures for Pack-Age course. In this course, I acted as client and my task was to brief the project/case to the student group and involved in the teaching of lab work to student group. The student group (MindPack team) started working on our case entitled,’(Edible) Aerogels: Future packaging concept’.
Period1 Mar 201631 May 2016