Archaeologists Know Which Vessels Were Used 4.5 Thousand Years Ago to Prepare Seal and Fish Dishes

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Some of the vessels used by hunters living 4,500 years ago in the vicinity of today`s Rzucewo (Pomerania) were used to prepare fish, seal and porpoise dishes, researchers determined by analysing the fats preserved in the vessel walls.


L.J.E. Cramp, D. Król, M. Rutter, V. Heyd & Ł. Pospieszny, ANALIZA POZOSTAŁOŚCI ORGANICZNYCH W CERAMICE KULTURY RZUCEWSKIEJ Z RZUCEWA (Organic residue analysis of Rzucewo culture pottery from Rzucewo. A preliminary study). Pomorania Antiqua 28, 2019. 

Period18 Nov 2019

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