Fifth Abramov seminar united researchers from Russia and Finland

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Description of  seminar held and participants speaking at the Fifth Abramov Seminar commemorating the Poet, Playwrite and Novelist, Kuzʹma G. Abramov, national writer of Mordovia.

Period22 Nov 2021

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleFifth Abramov Seminar unites reearchers from Russia and Finland
    Degree of recognitionRegional
    Media name/outletIzvestia Mordovia
    Media typeWeb
    Country/TerritoryRussian Federation
    DescriptionThe traditional Abramov seminar is dedicated to the memory of a classic in national literature, the national writer of Mordovia, Kuzʹma Abramov. It united respect and mentions of Abramov's work not only in Russia but abroad..
    Producer/AuthorMila Melʹnikova
    PersonsJack Rueter


TitleFifth Abramov Seminar «Poet, Playwrite, Novelist»
LocationNational Library, Pushkin, Saransk, Russian Federation
Period18 Nov 2021