Interview for Bellaterra Journal Teaching and Learning of Language and Literature (Vol. 9(4), Dec-Nov 2016, 87-98)

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    More and more researchers in the teaching and learning of language and

    literature are turning to activity theory as a theoretical framework. The Center

    for Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE, see:, earlier called Center for Research on

    Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research, at the University of

    Helsinki, is a center of reference for theoretical and methodological development

    of activity theory, and has pursued ground-breaking research based on culturalhistorical

    activity theory (CHAT) since 1994. This multi-disciplinary research

    unit, under the guidance of Yrjö Engeström, has significantly contributed to the

    development of CHAT-based research as a globally highly regarded

    paradigm. CRADLE is oriented toward the creation of a strong research

    community with high international impact, forming both a national and

    international hub of activity-theoretical and socio-cultural research. Research in

    CRADLE is focused on reciprocal interaction between theory and practice, and

    much of its investigation includes formative interventions that use, among others,

    the Change Laboratory method, also developed in CRADLE. CRADLE works in

    close collaboration with work organizations, educational institutions, and social

    movements pursuing investigative developmental efforts aimed at transforming

    dysfunctional activities.

    Period1 Jan 2016

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