A 70 3-component sensor deployment to monitor the 2020 EGS stimulation in Espoo/Helsinki, southern Finland - Dataset



The stations are part of a seismic network in the Helsinki capital area of Finland in 2020. The stations recorded the response to a second stimulation of a ∼ 6 km deep enhanced geothermal system in the Otaniemi district of Espoo that followed on the first larger stimulation in 2018. The second stimulation from 6 May to 24 May 2020 established a geothermal doublet system. The Institute of Seismology, University of Helsinki (ISUH), installed the 70 GIPP-provided geophones in addition to surface broadband sensors, ISUH-owned short-period instruments, and a borehole satellite network deployed by the operating company. The data set consists of raw CUBE-recorder data and converted MSEED data. The data set has been collected to underpin a wide range of seismic analysis techniques for complementary scientific studies of the evolving reservoir processes and the induced event properties. These should inform the legislation and educate the public for transparent decision making around geothermal power generation in Finland. The full 2020 network and with it the deployment of the CUBE stations is described in a Seismological Research Letter Data Mine Column by A. Rintamäki et al. (2021).
Date made available30 Aug 2021
PublisherGFZ Data Services
Temporal coverage27 Nov 2019 - 15 Jun 2020
Geographical coverage60.18800, 24.82800

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