CVD2014 - A database for evaluating no-reference video quality assessment algorithms

  • Mikko Samppa Johannes Nuutinen (Creator)
  • Toni Ilkka Olavi Virtanen (Creator)
  • Mikko Vaahteranoksa (Contributor)
  • Tero Vuori (Contributor)
  • Pirkko Oittinen (Contributor)
  • Jukka Häkkinen (Contributor)



The CVD video database is developed to provide an useful tool for researchers in the validation and developing processes of no-reference (NR) objective video quality assessment (VQA) algorithms. It consists of 234 videos from five different scenes captured by 78 different cameras (mobile phones, compact camera, video camera, SLR). The subjective experiments are conducted following the Single-Stimulus (SS) procedure to collect ratings of video quality.
Date made available22 Apr 2019
Date of data production1 Jul 2016

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