Finnish words with inflection codes



This is a list of Finnish words provided with inflection codes. It is based on the version of the KOTUS (Institute for the Languages of Finland) wordlist as it was on 27.4. 2023. The list was normalised, and inconsistencies were removed as much as it was feasible. The new list is different from the original one in four respects: (1) While the original list has inflection codes for only base words, this new version has codes also for compound words. Codes have been added also to such single words that were without codes. (2) In compound words, the boundaries of members are marked with vertical bar |. Marking the boundaries was necessary for making the inclusion of the full set of inflection codes possible. (3) The list also includes information on whether the word should have a front or back word inflection. Words with back vowel inflection are default cases and they are without marking. Words with front vowel inflection are marked with f. In compound words, the last member of the compound defines the type of inflection. Only such word types are marked that inflect. Therefore, adverbs have been left without marking. (4) The KOTUS list has several such words that have two alternative part-of-speech affiliations, and they have been listed only once. In the new version, each alternative has its own entry. This solution increased the number of words by about 1,300. Currently, the total number of words in the list is 105,386.
Date made available16 May 2023
PublisherSALAMA - Swahili Language Manager
Date of data production16 May 2023

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