• Jack Rueter (Creator)
  • Marina Fedina (Creator)
  • Paula Kokkonen (Creator)



This material has been undergoing development in the Giellatekno infrastructure since 2004.

The material originated with vocabulary work for Evgeni Tsypanov's Komi Zyrian reader. It has since been augmented using work by Vasili Lytkin (1962). Jack Rueter: 'Komi-Finnish-English Vocabulary' (1996) (approximately 3300 entries) Paula Kokkonen: Komi-suomalainen (2013-2016 The Kone Foundation Language Programme) (approximately 30 000 entries) Upto date (changing) Source code available at in xml-form.

This project also includes PMLRI: Permic Morpho-Lexical Resources and Implementation (Rueter, J. & Fedina, Marina Fu-lab)

And continuous support from Trond Trosterud, Ciprian Gerstenberger, Sjur Moshagen from Tromsø, Norway.
Date made available11 Jan 2018
Date of data production11 Jan 2018

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