ISUH waveform, time and location data products from stimulations of deep geothermal wells in Espoo in 2020



In summer 2020 the energy company St1 carried out its second stimulation of deep geothermal wells in Otaniemi, Espoo, in the Helsinki metropolitan area, southern Finland. Institute of Seismology of University of Helsinki (ISUH) monitored the induced seismicity during the stimulation, and also months before and after it. This dataset comprises 85 induced earthquakes that occurred between 8 March 2020 to 8 December, 2020, with local magnitudes between -1.1 and 1.4. Waveform, location and timing data have been produced at ISUH using seismic stations of the Finnish National Seismic Network (doi: 10.14470/UR044600) including the Helsinki local broadband network, the temporary HEL broadband network in Helsinki and Espoo, the temporary borehole network of St1 (doi: 10.1785/0220190253), and a pool of lightweight mobile seismic instruments operated by ISUH (GIPP data cubes, doi: 10.5880/GIPP.201925.1; SmartSolos and Refteks, doi: 10.1785/0220210195). The deployment is described in Rintamäki et al., 2021, A Seismic Network to Monitor the 2020 EGS Stimulation in the Espoo/Helsinki Area, Southern Finland, doi:10.1785/0220210195. Event data, event metadata, and station metadata are provided in distinct directories, and for event data, each event is assigned a subdirectory. Data formats follow generally accepted seismological standards.
Date made available13 Jan 2023
Temporal coverage21 Feb 2020 - 8 Dec 2020
Geospatial point60.188, 24.828Show on map

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