Institute of Seismology's Network of Seismic Stations

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The role of the seismic network is to record seismic waves from earthquakes, explosions and other seismic events in order to identify, locate and determine the magnitudes of the events. A comprehensive national seismic network is essential for: seismological research, observational activities, and government regulations for seismic hazard mitigation and the nuclear test-ban treaty verification. Research is focused on topics such as lithospheric structure and intraplate seismicity. At present, the network is comprised of 31 permanent stations located throughout Finland and the database is maintained in the Institute of Seismology, situated in Helsinki. The Finnish seismic network is part of the Global Seismographic Network and the recordings and observational data are forwarded to several international seismic data centers (ORFEUS, ISC, EMSC, IRIS, GEOFON).

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