Plant Growth Facility for Photobiology

Facility/equipment: Research Laboratory

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    Special light sources provide sun-like illumination in the visible region of the spectrum. Air temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration can be controlled.


    NameAralab Fitoclima 1200 (Customized); chamber 1
    NameAralab Fitoclima 1200 (Customized); chamber 2
    NameAralab Fitoclima 1200 (Customized); chamber 3

    Type of research infrastructure

    • Equipment

    Fields of Science and Free Keywords

    • 11831 Plant biology
    • photobiology
    • sensory ecology
    • 1181 Ecology, evolutionary biology
    • photobiology
    • sensory ecology

    ESFRI thematic areas

    • Biological and Medical Sciences

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    • Research Laboratory