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Method for regulating autonomic functions and treating pain

Panula, P., Pertovaara, A., Kalso, E. & Korpi, E., 12 Oct 2005, IPC No. C07K14/575, European Patent Office, Patent No. EP1198477, 12 Oct 2005

Research output: Patent


A method for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction and enhancement of normal sexual function in females with an alpha.sub.2-adrenoceptor antagonist or a pharmaceutically acceptable ester or salt thereof

Linnankoski, I., Pertovaara, A., Haapalinna, A. & Virtanen, R., 22 Aug 2002, IPC No. A61K 031/4164, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent No. 20020115704, 22 Aug 2002, Priority No. FI20000002756 20001215

Research output: Patent


Administration of atipamezole to elicit a yohimbine-like alpha-adrenoceptor antagonistic noradrenergic transmission

Pertovaara, A., Linnankoski, I. & Virtanen, R., 1996, United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent No. 5 541 211 , 30 Jul 1996

Research output: Patent