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Organisation Profile

DPBM is a broad, international doctoral program that organizes training in the fields of biomedicine and translational and molecular medicine. The aim of DPBM is to train internationally competent experts with excellent skills to continue research or work in other demanding expert positions of the public or private sectors.

Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates have the opportunity to participate in an excellent research training program including basic and advanced courses in biomedical research offered locally, nationally,  and internationally.  The course offerings include an extensive variety of practical training courses, seminar series and scientific symposia.  Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates may also participate in all courses that are arranged by DSHealth, in areas including transferable skills, and by other doctoral programs in the school.

By joining the combined Student Council of the Doctoral Programmes in Biomedicine and Clinical Research, doctoral candidates can also participate in organizing symposia and other activities.

The Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine operates within DSHealth in the highly international research environments of the Meilahti and Viikki campuses of the University of Helsinki, offering excellent research and training facilities, high quality infrastructure, and extensive networks and collaborations. 

International and National Collaboration Publications and projects within past five years.


Projects 2016 2020

Publications 1995 2019

2019 ARIA Care pathways for allergen immunotherapy

Bousquet, J., Pfaar, O., Togias, A., Schünemann, HJ., Ansotegui, I., Papadopoulos, NG., Tsiligianni, I., Agache, I., Anto, JM., Bachert, C., Bedbrook, A., Bergmann, KC., Bosnic-Anticevich, S., Bosse, I., Brozek, J., Calderon, M., Canonica, G. W., Caraballo, L., Cardona, V., Casale, T. & 74 othersCecchi, L., Chu, DK., Costa, E., Cruz, AA., Czarlewski, W., Durham, SR., Du Toit, G., Dykewicz, M., Ebisawa, M., Fauquert, J. L., Fernandez-Rivas, M., Fokkens, WJ., Fonseca, J., Fontaine, JF., van Wijk, R. G., Haahtela, T., Halken, S., Hellings, PW., Ierodiakonou, D., Iinuma, T., Ivancevich, JC., Jacobsen, L., Jutel, M., Kaidashev, I., Khaitov, M., Kalayci, O., Kleine Tebbe, J., Klimek, L., Kowalski, M. L., Kuna, P., Kvedariene, V., La Grutta, S., Larenas-Linemann, D., Lau, S., Laune, D., Le, L., Carlsen, K. L., Lourenço, O., Malling, HJ., Marien, G., Menditto, E., Mercier, G., Mullol, J., Muraro, A., O'Hehir, R., Okamoto, Y., Pajno, GB., Park, H. S., Panzner, P., Passalacqua, G., Pham-Thi, N., Roberts, G., Rolland, C., Rosario, N., Ryan, D., Samolinski, B., Sanchez-Borges, M., Scadding, G., Shamji, M. H., Sheikh, A., Sturm, G. J., Todo Bom, A., Toppila-Salmi, S., Valentin-Rostan, M., Valiulis, A., Valovirta, E., Ventura, M. T., Wahn, U., Walker, S., Wallace, D., Waserman, S., Yorgancioglu, A., Zuberbier, T. & Group, T. ARIA. W., 7 Apr 2019, In : Allergy : European journal of allergy and clinical immunology.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Biohybrid Vaccines for Improved Treatment of Aggressive Melanoma with Checkpoint Inhibitor

Fontana, F., Fusciello, M., Groeneveldt, C., Capasso, C., Chiaro, J., Feola, S., Liu, Z., Mäkilä, E., Salonen, J., Hirvonen, J., Cerullo, V. & Santos, H. A., 17 May 2019, In : ACS Nano. 14 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Bumetanide Prevents Brain Trauma-Induced Depressive-Like Behavior

Goubert, E., Altvater, M., Rovira, M-N., Khalilov, I., Mazzarino, M., Sebastiani, A., Schaefer, M. K. E., Rivera, C. & Pellegrino, C., 5 Feb 2019, In : Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience. 12

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Open Access

CDNF Protein Therapy in Parkinson’s Disease

Huttunen, H. J. & Saarma, M., 4 Apr 2019, In : Cell Transplantation.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Open Access

Activities 2011 2019

Amr Elseragy's thesis supervisory board member

Sanna Lehtonen (Supervisor)
2019 → …

Activity: Examination typesMember of doctoral thesis committee / follow-up group

The 12th Finninsh Gut Day

Hanne Jouhten (Speaker)
17 Jan 2019

Activity: Talk or presentation typesOral presentation

The NUP98-NSD1 fusion gene in acute myeloid leukemia

Caroline Heckman (Supervisor)
31 May 2019

Activity: Examination typesSupervisor or co-supervisor of doctoral thesis

Jiang Lei

Antti Pertovaara (Host)
1 May 201930 Apr 2020

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesAcademic visit at UH


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Sanna Lehtonen


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Suolistomikrobiston ja terveyden yhteyksiä selvittämässä

Anne Salonen


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Haastattelu Parkinson-postia lehdessä (04/2018)

Henri Huttunen


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Interview in Helsingin Sanomat

Sanna Lehtonen


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