PLAGE: Genetic diversity, conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources

Poczai, P., Amiryousefi, A., Cseh, A., Karsai, I., Balla, K., Kiss, T., Bányai, J. & Illés, K.


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SOLPHYLO: Phylogenetic Relationships and Organellar Genome Evolution in Solanaceae

Poczai, P., Hyvönen, J., Amiryousefi, A., Aubriot, X., Sablok, G., Särkinen, T., Knapp, S., Buerki, S., Syfert, M., He, X., Gagnon, E., Orejuela, A., Barboza, G., Baden, M. & van der Weerden, G. M.

Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Uudenmaan liitto


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LePo: Lectotypification of Polytrichum commune

Hyvönen, J., Bell, N. & Price, M.

15/11/2015 → …

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PP: On phylogeny of Pogonatum

Hyvönen, J. & Bell, N.

13/08/2015 → …

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The history of genetics: pre-Mendelian research networks

Poczai, P., T. Szabó, A., Muszynski, L., Sekerák, J. & Santiago-Blay, J.

Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki


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SAfrPoly: New species of South African Polytrichaceae

Hyvönen, J., Bell, N., van Rooy, J. & Hedderson, T.

11/11/2013 → …

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Bryophyte Flora of the Cape Horn Archipelago (Prov. Antártica Chilena, excluding Antarctica).

Buck, B., von Konrat, M., Engel, J. & He, X.

01/12/2011 → …

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CMGPoly: Chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes of Polytrichaceae

Hyvönen, J., Bell, N., Mishler, B. & Boore, J.

01/09/2009 → …

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Not started

NSPT: A new species of Pogonatum from Taiwan

Hyvönen, J., Bell, N. & Shevock, J.

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Leaf evolution in pleurocarpous mosses – structural solutions in cellular monolayers

Bell, N.


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Solanum in Europe: phylogeny and genetic diversity

Poczai, P. & Hyvönen, J.


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Phylogenetic analysis of kangaroo apples

Hyvönen, J. & Poczai, P.


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Diversification of Liverworts – Adaptation to Ecosystem Change in an Ancient Lineage

He, X., Juslén, A., Laaka-Lindberg, S., Piippo, S., Ahonen, I. & Sun, Y.


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Phylogeny of liverworts (Hepaticae), the least known group of early land plants

He, X., Piippo, S., Ahonen, I. & Juslén, A.


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