Projects 1970 2030

Not started

PaTreME: Partitioning Tree Methane Emissions

Kohl, L. & Pihlatie, M.


Project: Research project

CarboCity: Urban green space solutions in carbon neutral cities

Järvi, L. & Kulmala, L.


Project: Research project


Kutvonen, L.

Project: Other project

Marie Curie Initial Training Network project

Maragkidou, A.

Project: Research project

The Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor

Järvi, L., Lindberg, F. & Grimmond, S.

Project: Research project

APCI CBRNE markkinalle

Kangasluoma, J.

Project: Research project

Early career researcher experience and researcher careers

Pyhältö, K., Toom, A., Corner, S., Virtanen, V., Löfström, E., Taina, J. & Vekkaila (o.s. Tuomainen), J.

Project: Research project

Molecular mechanisms of mitochondrial enzymes, and their role in health and diseases

Sharma, V., Djurabekova, A., Haapanen, O., Malkamäki, A., Lasham, J., Reidelbach, M. & Chiarini, V.

Project: University of Helsinki Three-Year Research Project

Privacy markets in the Apps and IoT age

Pal, R., Crowcroft, J., Kumar, A., Hui, P. & Tarkoma, S.

Project: Research project

Pyöräilyn reitit ja sujuvuus

Salonen, M., Toivonen, T. & Tarnanen, A.

Project: Research project


Network Analysis

Mathioudakis, M. & Hui, P.


Project: Other project

HY+ and AaltoPro Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Mathioudakis, M.


Project: Other project