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A method for reducing the content of gluten proteins in a cereal fraction

Sontag-Strohm, T., Huang, X., Kanerva, P. & Salovaara, H., 20 Feb 2014, IPC No. A23L, A23J, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Patent No. WO 2014/027139 A1, 20 Feb 2014

Research output: Patent

Menetelmä elintarvikkeiden käsittelemiseksi

Translated title of the contribution: Method of treating foodstuffMunsch-Alatossava, P. & Alatossava, J. T., 1 Dec 2011

Research output: Patent

Menetelmä gluteeniproteiinipitoisuuden vähentämiseksi viljalajin jakeessa

Sontag-Strohm, T. S., Huang, X., Kanerva, P. M. & Salovaara, H. O., Aug 2015, IPC No. A23L, A23J, A21D, Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus, Patent No. 125288, 14 Aug 2015, Priority date 14 Aug 2012, Priority No. FI000125288B

Research output: Patent

Method for producing a proteinous food composition

Sontag-Strohm, T., Salovaara, H., Jiang, Z., Wu, W. & Xu, Y., 30 Oct 2014, IPC No. A23J1/00; A23J1/12; A23J1/14; A23J3/14; A23L1/10; A23L1/20; A23L1/211; A23L1/48, WIPO, Patent No. WO2014174149 (A1), 30 Oct 2014, Priority date 25 Apr 2013, Priority No. FI20130005425

Research output: Patent

Method of treating foodstuff

Alatossava, J. T. & Munsch-Alatossava, P., 21 Mar 2018, IPC No. EPO Bulletin 2018/12, European Patent Office, Patent No. EP 2 162 021 B1, 13 Jun 2008, Priority date 13 Jun 2008, Priority No. 08775479.2

Research output: Patent