Organisation profile

Organisation Profile

Maker culture and STEAM education is a research community whose members’ research takes the role of materials seriously. We study materials and artefacts as per se, and also in the context of making and learning. We understand learners as makers and makers as learners who are involved in creating new artefacts to ‘make a contribution’. These artefacts can be designed and invented products, conceptual tools, changes in organizational culture or actions towards sustainable future.

The research projects integrate maker culture, design, and invention pedagogy in school subjects including biology, craft, chemistry, home economics, mathematics, and physics. The research areas encompass subject-specific teaching, sustainability and technology education, out-of-school environments, and applying digital tools. Within such curriculum context for example the following are the focus of the investigation:, student engagement, well-being, equality, inclusion, learning difficulties, and assessment. The partnership between teachers and researchers is fundamental element in several studies engaged in educational design research.

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.