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Conceptions of Virtue in Early Judaism

Uusimäki, E., Rafael, A. & Yli-Karjanmaa, S.


Project: University of Helsinki Three-Year Research Project

The Impact of Religious Values on Chinese Social Life - A research project of the Academy of Finland

Ruokanen, M., Zhuo, X., Zheng, X., Tang, W., Huilin, Y., Wang, Y., Wei, S., You, B., Zhang, Z., Yang, X., Ford, D., Ochs, P., Bevans, S. B., Dehn, U., Sakaranaho, T., Hämeen-Anttila, J., Moyaert, M., Vähäkangas, M., Fällman, F., Illman, R., Huang, P., Päivänsalo, V., Komulainen, J., He, G., Yongtao, C., Hirvonen, H., Jiang, M., Gao 高, Y. 源., Li, L., Yin, Z., Kuokkanen, A., Gao, S. & Zhu, X.


Project: Research project

Apostolisten isien käännöshanke

Huttunen, N., Tervahauta-Helin, U. K., Salminen, J., Lehtipuu, O., Hakola, R., Nikki, N., Kujanpää, K., Asikainen, S., Toiviainen, S. & Enroth-Voitila, A.

01/12/2017 → …

Project: Other project

Free Will at the Crossroads of Theology and Science

Visala, A.


Project: Research project

Interreligious Engagement in China - The second part of the project

Ruokanen, M., Zhuo, X., Zhang, Z., Wang, X., Yang, H., Ford, D., Oechs, P., Huang, P., Adams, N., You, B., Li, H., Hirvonen, H., Komulainen, J., Illman, R., Kuokkanen, A., Zhao, F., Zhang, J., Yuan, C., Haj Kerim, A., Zhao, J., Lin, M., Wang, Y., Zheng, X. & Gao, Z.

01/03/2016 → …

Project: Research project

Reconciliation of the Right to Mental Health and Freedom of Religion

Stenlund, M.

01/04/2013 → …

Project: Research project

Social Ethics / Ethics and Religion

Päivänsalo, V. & Stenlund, M.

10/12/2012 → …

Project: Research project

Christianity and Environmental Issues

Pihkala, P. & Pesonen, H.

01/01/2012 → …

Project: Research project