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Alexander Mahura; PhD (Phys&Math., Atm.Sci.), MSc (Env.Mod., Atm.Sci.), BSc. (Atm.Sci.); more than 25 years of research experience; fields of research are modelling of atmospheric processes and transport of pollutants (including radionuclides) on local-meso-regional-hemispheric scales, on-line integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling at regional-urban scales, impact of urban areas on meteorology and atmospheric composition, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric boundary layer processes, environmental impact and risk assessment, fine-scale road weather forecasting, birch pollen modelling, numerical weather prediction, statistics; consulting/co-advising students BSc/MSc/PhD on relevant research projects/theses; co-author of over 300 sci.-tech. publications, incl. 5 books and about 60 peer-reviewed papers; worked in Russia (Russian State Hydrometeorological University; Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences), USA (University of Alaska Fairbanks /UAF, University of Washington /UW), Austria (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), France (Ecole Centrale de Nantes), Denmark (Danish Meteorological Institute), and Finland (University of Helsinki); since 2000 has been involved in many international projects such as AR-NARP, FARECS, INTAS, FP5 FUMAPEX, FP6 Enviro-RISKS, FP7 (MEGAPOLI, TRANSPHORM, MACC, MarcoPolo), Horizon-2020 (ESCAPE, INTAROS, iCUPE, CRiceS, RI-URBANS), Horizon-Europe (FOCI), EU (Digital Europe: Climate Adaptation Digital Twin), Nordic (NordRISK, CEEH, RSF, NetFAM, fsRSF, MUSCATEN, CarboNord, CRAICC-PEEX, CRUCIAL, TRAKT-2018), AoF (ClimEco, ACCC), TEMPUS (QualiMet, CombatMeteo), Erasmus+ (MODEST, ClimEd), FIRST+ (PEEX-AC, PEEX-FRESReN), EU COST Actions (-728, -EUPOL, -ENCWF, -EuMetChem), HIRLAM, HARMONIE, EnviroChemistry/ EnviroAerosols/ Enviro-PEEX/ Enviro-PEEX(Plus) on ECMWF HPC, PEEX-MP-Europa3 HPC, Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) programme, and other projects.



Personal data:

Birthdate:       19 May 1967



Research employment, experience and positions

  • May 2017-pres : university researcher/ senior scientist at Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR) / Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Helsinki (UHel, Helsinki, Finland) (research: participating with multi- and interdisciplinary tasks in PEEX Programme, EU Horizon-2020, EU Horizon Europe, NordForsk, and other projects); more details at:
  • 2005-2017 : researcher/ senior scientist at Research and Development Department, Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI, Copenhagen, Denmark) (research: participating with multi- and interdisciplinary tasks in HIRLAM, EU FPs & Horizon-2020, NordForsk, COST Actions, and other projects)
  • 2003-2004 : postdoctoral fellow at Lab. of fluid mechaniques, Ecole Centrale de Nantes (Nantes, France) (research: realization of the FP5 EU FUMAPEX project with urbanization of meso-meteorological models - SUBMESO and HIRLAM - for tasks of the numerical weather prediction)
  • 2001-2002 : research fellow at International Institute for Applied System Analysis (Laxenburg, Austria) (research: realization of the FARECS-I & FARECS-II projects as the part of the “Radiation Safety of the Biosphere”  with tasks of atmospheric trajectory and dispersion modelling for probabilistic studies, statistical data analysis, etc.)
  • 2000-2003 : research fellow at DMI (Copenhagen, Denmark) with NorFA scholarships (research: realization of the Arctic-Risk NARP project with tasks of atmospheric trajectory and dispersion modelling for probabilistic studies, analysis, GIS, risk assessment, etc.)
  • 1998-2000 : res.assistant at Atmos. Sciences Department, University of Washington (Seattle, WA, USA) (research: atmospheric transport of chemical species in the Arctic and North Pacific regions; isentropic trajectory modeling; statistical analysis of data)
  • 1995-1998 : res.assistant at Geophysical Institute, University Alaska Fairbanks (Fairbanks, AK, USA) (research:  atmospheric transport of radionuclides and chemical species in the Arctic and North Pacific regions; isentropic trajectory modeling; parametric and non-parametric stat., cluster, trend, two component, factor analyses)
  • 1991-1995 : post-graduate researcher/ young scientist at Lab. of ecoinformatics and mathematical modelling, Institute of Northern Environmental Problems, Kola Science Center, Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity, Murmansk region, Russia) (research: meso-scale modeling, transport of pollutants in complex terrain, radioactivity, meteorology, ecology, computer science, fieldwork in Sum 1992-1994 with EarthWatch; measurement of pollutants & meteorological observations)
  • 1988-1991 : undergraduate student part-time employment at Russian State Hydrometeorlogical University (RSHU, St. Petersburg, Russia) (research: atmospheric mesoscale processes and air pollution modelling, numerical weather prediction, experimental measurements)


Education and grades:

  • 2002 – Ph.D Atm.Sci., Phys&Math at Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Russia)
  • 1998 – M.Sc. Environmental Modelling at Univ of Alaska Fairbanks with awards (USA)
  • 1991 – B.Sc. Meteorology at Russian State Hydrometeorological University (Russia)
  • 1984 – School diploma with honors (Russia)


Research profile and skills:

Research interests:

modelling of atmospheric processes and transport of pollutants (including radionuclides) on local-meso-regional-hemispheric scales, environmental impact and risk assessment, on-line integrated meteorology-chemistry-aerosols modelling at regional-urban scales, impact of urban areas on meteorology and atmospheric composition, atmospheric chemistry, numerical weather prediction, atmospheric boundary layer processes, fine-scale road weather forecasting, birch pollen modelling, statistics for data analysis and post-processing models output; actively involved in developing of multi-scale online integrated/ seamless modelling of meteorology-chemistry-aerosols processes with interactions and feedbacks considering the atmosphere as one interacting system; experience in using and contributing to development of numerical weather prediction and pollution models at different scales.

Skills in:

  • Writing/ contributing proposals: for EU FPs, Horizon-2020, NordForsk, AoF, national & others funding agencies;
  • Work individually and/or as team member; leading team/ workpackage/ task, project management;
  • Self-education approach, open-minded, hard-working, optimistic;
  • Programming languages: Fortran, Python, Perl, C, Pascal;
  • Operating systems: Atos BullSequana (X400), CRAYs (XT5, XC30, XC40), UNIX/ SGI, NEC, DEC, VAX, DOS/Windows PCs;
  • Using supercomputing facilities: Arctic Research Supercomputing Center, USA (1995-2000); NCAR, USA (1995-2003); DMI, Denmark (2002-2017); ECMWF, UK (2012-pres); Center for Science Computing, Finland (2017-pres)
  • Advanced qualification courses for HPC / CRAY / UNIX (1995, 1996, 1998, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019);
  • Models: Enviro-HIRLAM, HIRLAM, HARMONIE, SURFEX models (previously SUBMESO, HYSPLIT, DERMA, MM5, ITM, and others);
  • Advanced qualification courses for HARMONIE (2014), SURFEX (2013)
  • Software: SPSS, MATLAB, IDL, SAS, S-PLUS, PHOENIX, GMT, NCAR Graphics, AVS, QUATTRO PRO, SYSSTAT, SPYGLASS, etc. – for statistical analysis, modeling, data visualization, etc.


Awards/ honors/ scholarships/ memberships:

  • European Geosciences Union, EGU (2008-) & Finnish Association for Aerosol Research, FAAR (2018-) memberships
  • Danish Meteorological Society (2014-2017) membership
  • AGU (1996-2000) & American Association for the Advancement of Science (1999-2000) memberships
  • NorFA (Nordisk Forskerutdanningsakademi) scholarships (six; 2001-2003)
  • Fellowship programme grant of the Research Council of Norway (2003)
  • IIASA/ FORMAS grants for “Radiation Safety of the Biosphere” project (two; 2001-2002)
  • Young Scientist Summer Program Honorable Mention, IIASA (2002)
  • Award Phi Kappa Phi (1997)
  • Award Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society (1998)
  • Young scientist / Graduate student travel awards/ grants (nine; Russia – 1992-1994 & EU – 1995, 1997, 2002, 2003 & USA – 1997, 1998)


Research projects involvement during last years:

  • EU Digital Europe: Climate Adaptation Digital Twin (2022-2024) - team member
  • Horizon Europe FOCI (2022-2026) - team member
  • TFK PEEX-FRESReN (2022-2023) - team member
  • Horizon-2020 CRiceS (2021-2025) - team member
  • Horizon-2020 RI-URBANS (2021-2025) - team member, PCT
  • AoF ACCC Flagship (2021-2025) - team member
  • Enviro-PEEX on ECMWF(Plus) (2021-2023) – PI, member
  • Russian MegaGrant MEGAPOLIS (2021-2023) - team member
  • Erasmus+ ClimEd (2020-2023) - WP leader & team member
  • PEEX-MP-Europa3 (2020-2022) - PI, member
  • Erasmus+ MODEST (2018-2022) - national contact person, team leader & team member
  • FIRST+ PEEX-AC (2019-2020) - project manager, team member
  • AoF ClimEco (2018-2021) – WP leader, task leader & team member
  • Enviro-PEEX on ECMWF (2018-2020) – PI, member
  • NordForsk TRAKT-2018 (2018-2019) – task leader & team member
  • Horizon-2020 iCUPE (2018-2021) – team member, data management
  • Horizon-2020 INTAROS (2016-2021) – team member
  • NordForsk CRUCIAL (2016-2018) – team leader & member
  • Horizon-2020 ESCAPE (2015-2018) – team member
  • EnviroAerosols on ECMWF (2015-2017) – co-PI, team leader & member
  • FP7 MarcoPolo (2014-2016) – WP leader & team leader & team member
  • NordForsk CarboNord (2014-2016) – team leader & member
  • NordForsk CRAICC-PEEX (2014-2015) – team leader & member
  • EnviroChemisty on ECMWF (2012-2014) – team member
  • FP7 TRANSPHORM (2010-2014) – team member
  • FP7 MEGAPOLI (2008-2011) – project manager & team member
  • FP7 MACC (2009-2011) – team member
  • FP6 Enviro-RISKS (2005-2008) – team member
  • FP5 FUMAPEX (2002-2005) – team member
  • NordForsk networking projects: NetFAM (2005-2009), MUSCATEN (2010-2012)
  • COST: EuMetChem (2011-2015), ENCWF (2007-2011), -728 (2004-2009), -EUPOL (2007-2011)
  • TEMPUS: Combat-Meteo (2007-2010), QualiMET (2010-2013)
  • FARECS-I, -II (2001-2002), ArcticRisk NARP (2000-2003); NordRisk-I, -II (2005-2008)
  • HIRLAM, -A, -B, -C (HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model research and development) (2000-2015)
  • DK National: CEEH (Danish Centre for Energy, Environment and Health; 2005-2010), RSF (Road Segments Forecasting; 2006-2008), fsRSF (Fines-Scale Road Stretch Forecasting; 2009-2011), and others

All 60+ projects are listed at:


Organization of international meetings during last years:

  • Co-organizer of Young Scientists Summer Schools (YSSS) on integrated modeling (Sum of 2008, 2011, 2014)
  • Co-organizer of Enviro-HIRLAM Research Training Weeks (Spr & Fal months of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, Sum 2015&2017, Dec 2017, Mar 2018) within Nordic networks NetFAM, MUSCATEN, & CRAICC-PEEX/ CRUCIAL
  • Co-organizer of FP7 EU MEGAPOLI project annual workshops/ meeting (Fal of 2009, 2010, 2011)
  • Co-organizer of Horizon-2020 ESCAPE YSSS on Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale (Aug 2017)
  • Co-organizer of NordForsk CRAICC-PEEX (Aug 2015) and Horizon-2020 ESCAPE (Oct 2016) workshops on dissemination and training
  • Co-organizer of Erasmus+ MODEST PhD courses (Strand-A - Research, Strand-B - Teaching and Learning, Strand-C - Coommunicationa nd cooperation) development workshops (Dec 2020, Jan 2021), Traing on "Organization and Management of Doctoral Training and Research Methodology" (May 2020), Training on "Curriculum Development and Learning Outcomes" (Apr 2020)
  • Co-organizer of several meetings within the FP6 Enviro-RISKS, COST Actions, etc.


Science education of new generation of researchers:

  • Co-organizing Young Scientists Summer Schools, YSSS (2008 – with Nordic NetFAM -, 2011 – with Nordic MUSCATEN -, 2014 – with COST Action EuMetChem - on online integrated modelling for numerical weather prediction and atmospheric chemical transport modelling, teaching lectures and practical exercises (small-scale research projects) with the Enviro-HIRLAM (Environment – HIgh Resolution Limited Area Model) for environmental applications.
  • Co-organizing the Enviro-HIRLAM Research Training Weeks and Introductory Courses (in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019 – in Denmark, Russia, and Finland) with teaching lectures and practical exercises.
  • Sci. supervision/ co-advising/ consulting – PhD, MSc, BSc students (> 20, as part of research thesis) on topics of atmospheric sciences, trajectory and dispersion modelling and data analysis, statistics, air pollution, numerical weather prediction and atmospheric chemical transport modelling, etc.

All students and science education activities are listed at:


Reviewing manuscripts and editorial work:

  • Reviewing papers (depending on requests from editors) for: Adv. Sci. Res., Atm. Env., Env. Mod. & Ass., J. Env. Monitor., Atm. Pol. Res., J. Air & Waste Manag., Atm. Chem. Phys., Clean Soil Air Water, Meteo. & Atmos. Phys., Natural Hazards, Urb. Climate
  • Editorial work for Springer published books ”Urbanization of Meteorological and Air Quality Models” & “Integrated Systems of Meso-Meteorological and Chemical Transport”; for FP7 EU MEGAPOLI project NewsLetters; for EGU Journal for PEEX Special Issue “Arctic-Boreal Atmospheric System”; Advisory Editor for the Environmental Modelling and Assessment journal


Selected peer-reviewed publications during last years:

See more details in separate file at:

Mahura A., A. Baklanov, S.R. Arnold, R. Makkonen, M. Boy, T. Petäjä, V-M. Kerminen, H.K. Lappalainen, M. Jochum, R. Nuterman, A. Schvidenko, I. Esau, E. Gordov, A. Titov, I. Okladnikov, V. Penenko, A. Penenko, M. Sofiev, A. Stohl, T. Aalto, J. Bai, C. Chen, Y. Cheng, M. Cherepova, O. Drofa, M. Huang, L. Järvi, H. Kokkola, R. Kouznetsov, T. Li, K.S. Madsen, P. Malguzzi, K. Moiseenko, S. Monks, S. Myslenkov, G. Nerobelov, S.B. Nielsen, S.M. Noe, Y. Palamarchuk, E. Pyanova, T.S. Rasmussen, J. She, A. Skorohod, S. Smyshlyaev, J.H. Sørensen, D. Spracklen, H. Su, J. Tonttila, E. Tsvetova, S. Wang, J. Wang, T. Wolf-Grosse, Y. Yu, Q. Zhang, W. Zhang, W. Zhang, X. Zheng, P. Zhou, S. Zilitinkevich, M. Kulmala (2018): PEEX Modelling Platform for Seamless Environmental Prediction. Atm Chem & Phys Discussion, acp-2018-541

Mahura A., Gonzalez-Aparicio I., Nuterman R., Baklanov A. (2018): Seasonal impact analysis on population due to continuous sulphur emissions from Severonikel smelters of the Kola Peninsula. Geography, Environment, Sustainability; 2018, 11(1): 130-144, DOI:10.24057/2071-9388-2018-11-1-130-144

Nerobelov G., Sedeeva M., Mahura A., Nuterman R., Mostamandi S., Smyshlyaev S. (2018): Online integrated modeling on regional scale in North-West Russia: evaluation of aerosols influence on meteorological parameters. Geography, Environment, Sustainability; 2018, 11(2): 73-83,

Baklanov, A., Smith Korsholm, U., Nuterman, R., Mahura, A., Nielsen, K. P., Sass, B. H., Rasmussen, A., Zakey, A., Kaas, E., Kurganskiy, A., Sørensen, B., and González-Aparicio, I. (2017): Enviro-HIRLAM online integrated meteorology–chemistry modelling system: strategy, methodology, developments and applications (v7.2), Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 2971-2999,, 2017.

Penenko A., Penenko V., Nuterman R., Baklanov A., Mahura A. (2015): Direct variational assimilation algorithm for atmospheric chemistry data with transport and transformation model. SPIE Vol 9680, Atmospheric and Ocean Optics: Atmospheric Physics, 968076, Nov 2015, 12p., doi: 10.1117/12.2206008

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Gonzalez-Aparicio I., J. Hidalgo, A. Baklanov, U. Korsholm, R. Nuterman, A. Mahura, O. Santa-Coloma (2013): Urban Boundary Layer Analysis in the Complex Coastal Terrain of Bilbao using Enviro-HIRLAM. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Vol13, Iss 3-4, pp. 511-527; DOI: 10.1007/s00704-012-0808-6

Pankratov F. F., A. V. Konoplev, A. Mahura, O. V. Kats (2013): Analysis of the data of long-term monitoring of atmospheric mercury content and meteorological parameters at Amderma polar station. Russian Meteorology and Hydrology, Vol 38, Iss 6, pp. 405-413; DOI:    10.3103/S1068373913060058

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Mahura A., Baklanov A, J.H. Sørensen, (2009): Estimation of Potential Impact on Copenhagen, Denmark, due to Accidental Releases at Nuclear Risk Sites. International Journal of Environment and Pollution, Vol 39 (1-2), Jul 2009, pp. 159-167, DOI: 10.1504/IJEP.2009.027149

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Baklanov A., Sorensen J.H., Mahura A. (2008): Methodology for Probabilistic Atmospheric Studies using Long-Term Dispersion Modelling. Environmental Modelling & Assessment, 13(4), 541-552, DOI: 10.1007/s10666-007-9124-4

Baklanov A., Korsholm U.S., Mahura A., Petersen C., Gross A., (2008): ENVIRO-HIRLAM: on-line coupled modelling of urban meteorology and air pollution. Advances in Science and Research, 2, 41-46,


  • & co-authoring more than 210 referenced abstracts/ proceedings from presentations at conferences:

  • about 100 scientific/ technical reports & contributions to reports:

  • more than 120 other presentations (at workshops/ meetings/ seminars/…) & publications (in journals/ newsletters/…)




Fields of Science

  • 114 Physical sciences
  • 1172 Environmental sciences
  • 112 Statistics and probability

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