Antu Sorainen

Director, Academy of Finland Research Project CoreKin (2016-2020), Docent

  • PL 59 (Unioninkatu 38)



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Personal profile

Description of research and teaching

Currently, I am an ILAS - Institute on Liberal Arts and Sciences Award Fellow at the University of Keele (11/2017 - 5/2018), hosted by Professor Marie-Andree Jacob at the Keele Law School. Previously, I was a Visiting Researcher at the University of Södertörn, Sweden (3 months, 15Feb-14May 2017, CBEES) in the Baltic Sea Foundation funded research project "Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region", with the PI Ass. Prof. Ulrika Dahl (Uppsala Gender Studies) and co-researcher Prof. Joanna Mizielinska (Academy of Sciences, Poland). I collaborate as one of the PIs also with the Nordic Research Network Transforming Identities, directed by Dr. Elisabeth Engebretsen (2018-2019). Further, I am planning a research project initiative with Dr. Paul Boyce (Sussex University) on Queer Grief.

In Finland, I am the Director of a 4-year Academy of Finland Research Project "CoreKin - Contrasting and Re-imagining Margins of Kinship" (2016-2020). Further, I am the Principal Investigator of the 5-year Research Project "Wills and Inheritance Arrangements in Sexually Marginalised Groups", in which I work as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow (2014-2019).

Academy Research Project Website:

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ILAS Website:

Transforming Identities Website:

The Baltic Sea Foundation Project website:

The 5-year research individual research project on queer wills and inheritance started 1st of September 2014 and will be completed 31th August 2019. I started the study on this topic first as Ernhrooth Foundation Grant Researcher (1.9.-31.12.2013), and continued it with the Kone Foundation Experienced Researcher Grant (1.1.2014-31.8.2014).  

My Postdoctoral Researcher project "Politics of the Pedophile" was funded by the Academy of Finland (2010-2012).

I have been a postdoctoral researcher also in the centre of Excellence on Political Thought and Conceptual Change, research team Politics of Philosophy and Gender in 2006-2010, and in the Academy of Finland funded research project PornoAcademy in 2005-2007. 

I am co-working closely with Dr. Ulrika Dahl’s Baltic Sea Foundation funded research project Queer(y)ing kinship in the Baltic Region, Dr. Joanna Mizielinska’s Polish Academy of Sciences funded research project Families of Choice in Poland, and with various British and Nordic research networks in the fields of kinship, law and sexuality, socio-legal studies, queer theory and gender studies.

I am a member of various international research associations (i.e Law, Culture and the Humanities/US). I am a regular contributor of the Allegra Lab on Law and Anthropology, and a board member of SQS - THe Finnish Society for Queer Studies.

Expertise fields: Wills and Inheritance; Kinship; Gender Studies; Queer Theory; Law, Gender and Sexuality; Queer Kinship; Intimacy; Sexual Criminal Law; Cultural Anthropology; Alternative Pedagogies; Decency; Conceptual Changes; Queer Criminology; Politics of Pedophilia; The Figure of Child; Pornography in Culture.

I publish and teach on these topics also in Art Universities and Art Schools.

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Curriculum vitae

1.    Full name and date

  • Sorainen, Antu
  • Date of writing the CV: 18.4.2017

 2.    Date and place of birth, nationality, current residence

 3.    Education and degrees awarded

  1. Title of Docent in Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, June 2014.
  2. PhD in Women's Studies with minor in Criminal Law, University of Helsinki, 29.11.2005. Topic: Women’s same-sex  fornication trials in Eastern Finland in the 1950s (magna cum laude)
  3. MA in Cultural Anthropology with minors in Law, Criminology and Lesbian Studies, University of Helsinki, 29.5.1995 (eximia).

- Contact details to facilitate verification of the highest degree earned:

Faculty of Arts, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Arts, University of Helsinki. Faculty office:
 Fabianinkatu 33, 2nd floor, 
PO Box 3
00014 University of Helsinki, Finland. Tel. +358-9-1911 (exchange) 
Fax: +358-(0)9-191 23100. 
Email: hum-info(at)

4.    Other education and training

Most Important Research Visits and Studies Abroad:

  1. Visiting Research Fellow at the Law School, University of Birmingham, 17.11. - 5.12. 2014 (3 weeks) - Research Seminar Queer Inheritance, Kinship, Law 4.12.
  2. An Honorary Research Fellow at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, University of London, 5.12.-31.12.2011 (3 weeks).
  3. An Honorary Research Fellow at the Birkbeck Institute for Social Research, University of London, 10.11.-5.12.2008 (3 weeks).
  4. Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Law, Gender and Sexuality, Universities of Kent, Keele and Westminster (Law Schools), 23.4.-16.5.2007 (3 weeks).
  5. Research Fellow Visit, part of an individually designed, externally funded postgraduate qualification period towards a PhD, School for Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, 4.-30.6.2003 (3 weeks). 
  6. Research Fellow Visit, part of an individually designed, externally funded postgraduate qualification period towards a PhD. School for Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, 1.-24.2. 2003 (3 weeks).
  7. A Visiting Research Fellow, part of an individually designed, externally funded postgraduate qualification period towards a PhD. Department of Law, University of Keele, Law, Gender and Sexuality Research Group, 1.5.-31.6.2001 (2 months).
  8. PhD research student, part of an individually designed, externally funded postgraduate qualification period towards a PhD. School for Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, 1.9.1996-15.7.1997 (one study year).
  9. Erasmus exchange undergraduate study period, Criminology, Philosophy of Law, and Lesbian Studies (in Dutch), University of Amsterdam, 1.8.-31.12. 1993 (6 months) 

5. Linguistic skills

  • Mother tongue: Finnish
  • Other languages: English, advanced (part of PhD degree); Dutch, advanced (part of MA degree); Swedish, intermediate (part of MA degree); German, pre-intermediate (3y, high school); French, beginners (2y, high school).

6.  Current position

Academy of Finland Research Fellow. Research project Wills and Inheritance in Sexually Marginalised Groups  (1.9.2014-31.8.2019).

Affiliated with Gender Studies at the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies, University of Helsinki. 

7.    Previous work experience:

Before my PhD degree, I worked as an architect exhibition assistant at the Finnish Architects’ Society (SAFA) and as a journalist trainee in a Finnish newspaper Satakunnan Kansa (Pori).

8.    Research funding and supervision:

  • Major research funding (competitive):
  1. Academy of Finland Research Fellow. University of Helsinki, Gender Studies. Independent research project Wills and Inheritance in Sexually Marginalised Groups 1.9.2014-31.8.2019 (akatemiatutkija).
  2. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Academy of Finland. University of Helsinki, Gender Studies, independent research project Politics of the Pedophile 1.1.2010-31.12.2012 (tutkijatohtori).

  3. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, CoE in Political Thought and Conceptual Change. University of Jyväskylä, Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy, research project From Decency to Sexuality with Professor Tuija Pulkkinen in her research sub-team Politics of Philosophy and Gender, 1.1.2008-31.8.2009 (postdoc-tutkija).
  4. Postdoctoral Research Fellow, a Finnish Academy funded research project PornoAcademy. University of Helsinki, Christina Institute for Gender Studies, individual sub-research on pornography and the figure of the child in culture 1.1.2005-31.12.2007 (postdoc-tutkija).

Grant Periods (competitive):

  1. Kone Foundation, 39 600e, 1.1.2014 -31.12. 2014 (an individual research project on Queer Wills, was terminated on 31.8.2014 because of the new affiliation as an Academy of Finland Research Fellow started 1.9.2014).
  2. Ehrnrooth Foundation, 11 000e, 1.9.-31.12. 2013 (launching an individual research project Queering Wills
  3. Ehrnrooth Foundation, 18 000e, 1.8.-31.12. 2009 (starting an individual research project Politics of the Pedophile)
  4. Oskar Öflund’s Foundation, 4000e, 2008 (travel grant for a research visit to Birkbeck College)
  5. The Finnish Cultural Foundation, full-time funding, 1.1.2000 – 31.12.2002 (for the PhD project)
  6. Oskar Öflund’s Foundation, 4000e, 2002 (travel grant to the University of Leeds)
  7. SETA Foundation, 10 000FIM, 2000 (travel grant to the University of Keele)
  8. Väinö Tanner’s Foundation, 60 000FIM, 1.1. –31.12.1999 (for the PhD project)
  9. British Council, 12 000FIM, 1.9. –31.12. 1998 (for studying at the University of Leeds and for organizing Sex Outlaw Conference)
  10. Academy of Finland, full-time funding, 1.9.1997–31.8.1998 (for studying at the University of Leeds)
  11. The Finnish Cultural Foundation, full-time funding 1.9.1996–31.8.1997 (for the PhD project)
  12. Emil Aaltonen Foundation, 40 000FIM, 1.1. –31.8.1996 (for preparing the PhD project)

Role in the preparation of funding applications for a research group:

  1. Torsten Amundson’s fund via the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), a full grant to organise an international workshop Reproducing kinship, queering reproduction in Stockholm, 17-19 October 2013: one of three PIs who prepared the application (primary PI Jenny Gunnarsson Payne, assistant PIs Dr. Dahl and Dr. Sorainen ).
  2. Senior Researcher team member in the application “Cultural Memory and Museums” for the Academy of Finland (submitted 9/2014, PI Kia Lindroos - execution 6.6.2015).
  3. HERA Cultural Encounters, Queer Kinship transnational project application, one of the three national PIs 2012 (other PIs from the Universities of Warsow and Södertörn, primary PI Joanna Mizielinska).
  4. PornoAcademy, a research project successfully granted by the Academy of Finland for 2005-2007, preparing the application together with the PI (4/2004, PI Harri Kalha).

Leadership in research work:

My forthcoming multidisciplinary research project team “Kinship and Families in Margins” consists of 2 international Doctoral Students and 1 Postdoctoral Student. The field of the team is Gender Studies, particularly Law, Gender and Sexuality; Queer Kinship; Sexualities and Care; Alternative Families; Intimate Economics.

HERA Cultural Encounters Program invited me to Berlin in 21.2.2012 to a Match-Making Event (Invited PI) to introduce my research project ideas (invited PI rate 300/1000).

ERC Starting Grant 2012 application was rated 30-39% of 100%  - 0 maximum, 100 minimum, 19% passing rate.

Experience as officially appointed supervisor to undergraduate and doctoral students:

  1. PhD supervision. MA, PhD Anna Moring: Oudot perheet [Queer Families]. Gender Studies, University of Helsinki. Secondary supervisor, 2008-2013. Defended 8.6.2013: eximia.
  2. PhD supervision. MA, Phil.Lic. Jenny Kangasvuo: Bisexuality in Finnish Culture. Cultural Anthropology, University of Oulu. Secondary supervisor, 2009-2013. Defended November 2014: Eximia.
  3. PhD candidate, MA, Anna Avdeeva, Natural Parenting in Russia. Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, starting 1/2015.
  4. PhD candidate, MA, Vuokko Viljanen, Queer as an Abject. Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, starting 1/2015.
  5. MA supervision. Jesse Matilainen, MA thesis on Polyamory and queer kinship in Finland. Anthropology, University of Helsinki. Main supervisor, 1.5.2011-31.2.2012 (magna cum laude). Main supervisor.
  6. MA supervision. Hanna Välitalo, MA thesis on heteronormativity in childrens’ books. Aalto University of Art and Design, Pori, January-March 2014. Main supervisor.
  7. MA supervision. BA Jenni Leander, pedophile stigma in the society. Sociology, University of Helsinki. Main supervisor, started 1.9. 2013.

 9. Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence:

  • About 20 full MA and PhD level courses and seminars in 2005-2014, in English and Finnish.
  • Topics: Queer theory, kinship, history of sexuality, intimacy, decency, Butler, Foucault, feminist theory, queer in art, research ethics, pornography in culture.
  • Sites: Finnish Universities and Art Schools: Helsinki, Turku, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Tampere, Theatre Academy, University of Art and Design in Helsinki and Pori.

 10.    Other academic merits

  • Service as a pre-examiner of a doctoral dissertation (2):
  1. PhD external examiner: Bisexuality in Relations, Social Work, University of Helsinki, Spring 2015.
  2. PhD external examiner: Karolina Kiil, Forbidden Images – forbidden themes expressed through drawings by young people in Finland and Estonia, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, 31.8. 2010.
  3. Phil.Lic external examiner; Jenny Kangasvuo, Bisexuality in Finnish culture. Cultural Anthropology, University of Oulu, 31.5.2007.
  4. MA examiner:
  • a) Tiina Äijänaho, Michael Jackson’s public figure, Anthropology, University of Helsinki, 2010.
  • b) Anna Heino, Abortion debates in Finnish media, Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, 2010.

Evaluation of academic/scientific competence:

Title of Docent in Gender Studies, 2014;  Docent Lecture was held on 15th of May 2014 at the University of Helsinki and approved as "good".

Memberships and positions of trust in scientific and scholarly societies:

  1. Chair of the Society for Socio-Legal Studies in Finland 2006-2009
  2. The first chair and the founding member and of the Society for Queer Studies in Finland 2004-2006
  3. A founding member of the research network Queering Kinship (Helsinki, Warsow, Södertörn), 2011-
  4. A Founding Member of the Finnish Research Network on Children and Control, 2008-.
  5. A Founding Member of the Society for Childhood Studies in Finland, 2008-
  6. Co-ordinator of the National Network for Research on Violence in Finland 2008 –
  7. Board Member of the Finnish Society for Social Pedagogy 2005-2008
  8. A Founding Member of the Scandinavian network for lesbian and queer education, 2003-2007.
  9. A Founding Member of a research collective Speaking the Unthinkable – Lesbian and Gay Domestic Violence (Johanna Hiitola, Helena Jokila, Juulia Jyränki & A. Sorainen), 2005-2008.
  10. Member of the Finnish Critical Criminologists’ Group, 2001-
  11. Member of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control, 2001-
  12. Member of a research network on Sexology and Translation (Birkbeck, UK), 2011-
  13. Member of a research network on Onscenity (Sheffield, UK), 2010-

 Membership in national or international expert groups:

      1. International Advisory Board, The Polish Academy of Sciences funded research project Families      of Choice in Poland, 2013-2015 (PI Joanna Mizielinska).

     2. International Advisory Board, AHRC Centre for the Study of Law, Gender and Sexuality, Kent Law School, University of Kent, UK, 2004-2009.

Positions as editor-in-chief, editor, or member of editorial boards of scientific and scholarly journals and publication series:

  1. Editorial Board for the book series Social Justice, Routledge, 2009-
  2. International Advisory Board, Lambda Nordica, a Nordic scientific peer-reviewed journal presenting research in Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies,2009-
  3. Editorial Board of the Finnish journal of socio-legal studies (Oikeus), 2004-2007

Referee for scientific and scholarly journals:

Routledge (3), GLQ – A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies (2), Law & Society (2), Social and Legal Studies (2), Feminist Legal Studies (1), Feminist Theory (2), European Graduate Journal of Social Science (3), Thirdspace (European Gender Studies Journal (3), Journal of Porn Studies (3), Nora -Nordic Gender Studies Journal (2), Publishing House Like (2), Oikeus (Journal of Finnish Socio-Legal Studies (3), SQS (Journal of Finnish Queer Studies (6), Kulttuurintutkimus (Journal of Finnish Cultural Studies, 2), Lähikuva (Journal of Finnish Audiovisual Studies, 2), Naistutkimus (Journal of Finnish Gender Studies, 3), The Finnish Council for Equality (1), Niin & Näin – Finnish Philosophical Journal (1).

Invited keynote lectures and conferences:

  1. “Queer Heritage”, SQS Conference at the University of Turku, 27.9. 2014.
  2. “Omituisuus ja kamppailu etiikan merkityksistä” [Queering the Politics of Ethics], Finnish Ethnology Symposium, Helsinki 15 March 2013.
  3. “Lesbians before the ‘Lesbian’”, Birkbeck College, Queer 1950s Conference 6-7 May 2010.
  4. “Rikoslain historiaa vinosti” [Queering the history of Finnish Criminal Law], Queer Studies Conference (O Tempora O Queer), University of Turku, 30 October 2006.

More than thirty papers at international conferences and workshops on topics such as politics of decency and politics of paedophilia after my PhD degree.

More than fifty other papers after the PhD degree on topics such as queer kinship, queer childhood, politics of pedophilia, Sittlichkeit, history of sexual criminal law, research ethics, same-sex trials, pornography and Edvard Westermarck .

International invited visitors, selected:

  1. Matt Cook, Director of Raphael Samuel Centre, Senior Lecturer in History, Birkbeck College, University of London, (5.-6. May 2014 and 3.-6. November 2014)
  2. Daniel Monk, Director, University of London, Director of Birkbeck Gender & Sexuality (BiGS) (4-6.10.2013 and November 2015)
  3. Margaret Davies, Professor of Law, Flinders University (11.-16.4.2009)

Organized international conferences, symposia and workshops, selected:

  1. Queer Inheritance Workshop. Birmigham Law School, with Dr. Rosie Harding, Dr. Daniel Monk and Dr. Sue Westwood, 4th December 2014.
  2. How to Study the History of Sexuality? A SKY PhD workshop at Gender Studies, University of Helsinki, with Dr. Matt Cook, 3.-5.11. 2014.
  3. Queer Bodies Queer Cities, an international workshop with Dr. Matt Cook from Birkbeck College, at the Urban Studies Conference, 5.5.2014, House of Sciences, Helsinki.
  4. Queering Reproductive Kinship, international workshop organized together with Jenny Gunnarsson Payne and Ulrika Dahl, Södertörn University, Stockholm, 17-19 October 2013.
  5. Violence on the Borders of Legal, Political and Social with Violence Studies Network, University of Helsinki 4-5. June 2009.
  6. Queer Futurities, with Harri Kalha, the Finnish Institute in Berlin 18-19. May 2009.
  7. Participatory Law: Risks and Possibilities for Feminism, with Margaret Davies and Johanna Niemi, University of Helsinki 14.4.2009.

Chairing international workshops, selected:

  1. 2013 Human Rights in Russia. International workshop at Aleksanteri Institute Conference, University of Helsinki 23-25 October 2013.
  2. 2013 Anarchy and Queer Politics, Judith Halberstam. The 5th Christina Conference of Gender Studies. University of Helsinki 23-25.5.2013.
  3. 2009 Sexual Politics of Violence. Violence on the Borders of Legal, Political and Social with Violence Studies Network in Helsinki 4-5.5.2009.

11.  Scientific and societal impact of research:

  • Publishing strategy. I have published mainly in three study fields:
  1. Law, Gender and Sexuality
  2. Sexuality in Culture
  3. Queer Theory and History

My articles have been published as book chapters or articles by top international publishers on my field such as Palgrave MacMillan, Continuum, Lambda Nordica and the Journal of Homosexuality.

As my previous research is closely related to the field building in my own country, I have been seeking to publish also in Finnish top national peer-reviewed journals such as the gender studies journal Naistutkimuslehti, the queer studies journal SQS, the socio-legal journal Oikeus, the anthropology journal Suomen Antropologi, in social sciences (Nuorisotutkimuslehti) and by top national publishing houses such as The Finnish Literature Society and Gaudeamus.

I have actively seeked to publish also scientific roundtables, online essays, reviews and book reviews,  in order to engage with the scientific debates in my field. I am a regular contributor for Allegra - Virtual Lab for Legal Anthropology ( I also give radio and other media interviews on a regular basis, but only on topics strictly linked to my research.

  • Total citations: Sorainen A* from 1996 to January 2015; Papers: 35, Citations: 74; Citations since 2010: 29; Cites/year: 2.48, Cites/paper: 1.68/1.0/0 (mean/median/mode), Cites/author: 42.58, Papers/author: 24.52, Authors/paper: 1,69/1.0/1 (mean/median/mode), h-index: 4,  h-index from 2010: 3; g-index: 5, e-index: 2.65, hc-index: 2, hI-index: 4.00, hI, norm: 4, hm-index: 4.00, Source of Data: Google Scholar; Harzing`s Publish or Perish and Web Of Knowledge, Thompson Reuters.
  • Total number of publications: (72), of which A1 (8), A2 (3), A3 (10), A4 (10), B1 (21), B2 (2), C2 (5), D1 (5), E1 (6), G (2)
  • Journals:
  1. 2011 Guest editor of the special issue Queering the Home: Politics and Ethics of the 'Field', Journal of Finnish Queer Studies - SQS 4(2011):1.
  2. 2007 Guest editor, with Kaius Tuori, of the special issue Law & Anthropology, Journal of Finnish Socio-legal Studies - Oikeus, 36(2007):1.
  3. 2000 Guest co-editor of the special issue “Sex Outlaw”, Journal of Finnish Women’s Studies - Naistutkimus - Kvinnoforskning, 13(2000):2.
  4. 1999 Guest editor of the special volume “Sex Outlaw”, Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society - Suomen Antropologi, 24(1999); 2.
  • Editorial work (book): Siveellisyydestä seksuaalisuuteen –poliittisen käsitteen historia [From Decency to Sexuality – A History of A Political Concept]. Co-editor with Tuija Pulkkinen. The Finnish Literature Society, Helsinki, 2011.

Merits in science communication and expert assignments in the media:

I have been active in media, seeking particularly to give interviews to the national broadcasting company YLE and other key media (also the Swedish-languaged media in Finland).  

10 recent examples of my engagements with media, linked to the my research:

  1. 2013 Siveellisyyden politiikasta [Politics of Decency/Sittlichkeit]. Radio Yle1, Kalle Haatanen (55min, an exclusive radio interview, taped, broadcasted 19.9. 2013).
  2. 2013 Oscar Wilde: Dorian Gray & EM Forster: Maurice. YleRadio1, Kirjakaappi (55min, a radio debate with Dr. Pialivia Hekanaho, broadcasted in 1/2014).
  3. 2012 Olisiko kaikkien etu, jos pedofiili saisi ajoissa apua? [Would it be the benefit of all if the pedophile would get pre-cure?][Would it benefit all if the pedophile would get premeditated cure?], (a comment in a reportage in the main Finnish newspaper’s attachment). Helsingin SanomatNyt attachment 17.9. 2012, Helsingin Sanomat.
  4. 2012 Politicians missing in the Pussy Riot Demonstration in Helsinki (an on-the-spot interview in the main Finnish Swedish-languaged newspaper). Hufvudstadsbladet.
  5. 2011       Seksirikollisten julkistaminen ei auta uhreja [Sex Offenders Registers Do Not Help Victims]. Verkkotutka January (an exclusive interview in an online magazine):

  6. 2011 Nuori, seksi, rikos ja rangaistus [Youth, Sex, Crime, Punishment]. Yliopisto - University 4/2011, 40-43 (an exclusive interview in the popular university magazine).

  7. 2011 “Sivupersoona” -haastattelu ja reportaasi väitöskirjaani perustuen [“A personal portrait” and a major reportage based on my PhD thesis in the main Finnish newspaper ]. Helsingin Sanomat, Kuukausiliite, December Issue.

  8. 2009 Seksuaalianarkismi [Sexual Anarchy] (a radio debate with artist Anna Cadia and activist Laura, 100 min). YleRadio1, Bensaa liekkeihin/Akuliina Saarikoski, 6.6. 2009.

  9. 2009 On the Finnish gender culture (an exclusive interview in the main Polish newspaper). Gazeta Wyborcza 10.12. 2009.,100958,7352775,Finki_nosza_w_kieszeni_noz.html

  10. 2007 Poliisi-TV Extra: Anonyymisti sinun [Anonymously yours] (an expert tv interview on lesbian/queer history, “pink police” and lesbian domestic violence). YLE TV2, broadcasted 16.8. 2007.

12.Other merits:

Scientific Expertise:

Gender, Queer Theory, sexuality, inheritance and wills, kinship, sexual criminal law, decency, intimacy, queer theory, anthropology of sexuality, queer theory, research ethics, history of lesbian sexuality, queer criminology, childhood in culture.

Social media activity:

  • 1.   Queering Criminology Facebook Group (240 international members 13.5. 2015). Founder of the group together with Prof. Salo de Carvalho (University of Santiago). The group works as a virtual network for queer criminologists:

    2. Lost Queer Lez-Biz Finland Facebook Group (740 international members 13.5. 2015). Founder of the group together with Docent Tuula Juvonen (UNiversity of Tampere). The group documents and communicates the unique history (events, spaces, people) of the Finnish lesbian history:

Education/Academic qualification

Gender Studies (and Queer Law), Docent, Helsinki University

1 Sep 201531 Aug 2020

Gender Studies (minor: Law), PhD, University of Helsinki

Cultural Anthropology (minor: Law), MA, University of Helsinki

External positions

PI, Oslo Universitet

1 Jan 201831 Dec 2019

PI, Södertörn University / CBEES

1 Jan 201631 Dec 2017


  • 616 Other humanities
  • Gender Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Kinship
  • Sexuality
  • Inheritance and Wills
  • Families in Margins
  • Care
  • 513 Law
  • Wills and Inheritance
  • Law, Gender and Sexuality
  • Family Law, Succession, Parenting
  • Criminal law and other criminal sciences
  • Crmininology
  • 999 Others
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Intimate Economics
  • Care and Sexualities
  • Queer criminology
  • Alternative Pedagogies
  • Queer Grief

International and National Collaboration Publications and projects within past five years.

Publications 2008 2019

Constrasting and Re-Imagining Margins of Kinship

Sorainen, A. M. (ed.) & Härkönen, H. K. (ed.), 20 Dec 2019, (In preparation) In : Gender & Society. 200 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalSpecial issueScientificpeer-review

How the Inheritance System Thinks? Queering Kinship, Gender and Care in the Legal Sphere - In Agha, Petr (ed): Gender Difference and Legal Institutions, Routledge 2019 (published)

Sorainen, A. M., 1 Jan 2019, Gender Difference and Legal Institutions. Routledge, 20 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterScientificpeer-review

Introduction: Constrasting and Re-Imagining Margins of Kinship

Sorainen, A. M. & Härkönen, H. K., 30 Sep 2019, (In preparation) In : Gender & Society. 20 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Kinship in Europe

Sorainen, A. M., 18 Jan 2019, Global Encyclopedia of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer History. Chiang, H. (ed.). Gale: Charles Scribner's Sons, 5 p.

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapterScientific

Queer/ing Surveys in the Legal Field: A Roundtable

Sorainen, A. M., Harding, R., Costache, I., Zhabenko, A. & Mizielinska, J., 30 Jan 2019, (In preparation) In : Social & Legal Studies. 18 p.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticleScientificpeer-review

Projects 2006 2021

Towards One Legal Gender

Sorainen, A. M., Cooper, D. & Peel, E.


Project: Research projectCommissioned research

Transforming identities: Exploring changes, tensions and visions in the Nordic region through the prism of identity politics

Sorainen, A. M. & Engebretsen, E. L.


Project: Research projectCommissioned research

Activities 2003 2019

Davina Cooper

Antu Sorainen (Host)
23 Mar 201930 Mar 2019

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesAcademic visit at UH

Jack Halberstam

Antu Sorainen (Host)
30 Jan 20196 Feb 2019

Activity: Hosting a visitor typesAcademic visit at UH

ESA Conference 2019, Cracow

Antu Sorainen (Attendee)
14 Feb 201915 Feb 2019

Activity: Participating in or organising an event typesOrganisation and participation in conferences, workshops, courses, seminars

Kinlab at the University of Aegean, Greece

Antu Sorainen (Visiting researcher), Venetia Kantsa (Other role)
15 May 201915 Jun 2019

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesAcademic visit to other institution

Polish Academy of Sciences

Antu Sorainen (Visiting researcher), Joanna Mizielinska (Other role)
13 Feb 201913 Mar 2019

Activity: Visiting an external institution typesAcademic visit to other institution

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