Research activity per year

Personal profile

Curriculum vitae

1. Name and date

Surname, given names: Lindström, Jan Krister

Gender: Male

Date of the CV: June 11, 2021


2. Date and place of birth, nationality, current residence

Date and place of birth: April 12, 1964, Helsinki

Citizenship: Finnish

Current residence: Helsinki


3. Education and degrees awarded

  • FD (phil. doctor); Department of Scandinavian languages and literature, University of Helsinki; Major subject: Scandinavian languages; Graduation date: January 1999. Contact details: Anniina Sjöblom ([email protected]), Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki.
  • FL (phil. licentiate); Department of Scandinavian languages and literature, University of Helsinki; Major subject: Scandinavian languages; Graduation date: May 1993.
  • FM (phil. master); Department of Scandinavian languages and literature, University of Helsinki; Major subject: Scandinavian languages; Graduation date: May 1990.
  • Title of docent: Scandinavian languages, University of Helsinki; Date conferred: June 2001


4. Other education and training

  • Basic course in university pedagogics, 12 ECTs, University of Helsinki; 2002
  • Course in supervision of doctoral candidates, 4 ECTs, University of Helsinki; 2003


5. Linguistic skills

Mother tongue: Finnish/Swedish

Other languages: English (Writing/spoken production: C2); German (Spoken production/Writing: B2, Listening/reading: C1); French (Spoken production/Writing: A2, Listening/reading: A2/B1)


6. Current position

  • Professor of Scandinavian languages, University of Helsinki, 1.8.2008–

o   Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies


7. Previous work experience

  • Acting professor 2005, 2007–2008 (University of Helsinki)
  • Post-doctoral researcher; the project Grammar in conversation: A study of Swedish, 2000–2005 (Funded by: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Sweden)
  • University lecturer (associate professor), 2002–2004 (Univ. of Helsinki)
  • Assistant (as doctoral student 1995–2000), (as postdoctoral 1999–2000) (Univ. of Helsinki)
  • Doctoral researcher; the project A Finland Swedish Text Corpus, 1992–1995 (Univ. of Helsinki)
  • Acting assistant (doctoral student), 1991–1992 (Univ. of Helsinki)
  • Military service, February 1984–January 1985


8. Research funding, leadership and supervision

  • Major research funding:

o   Research project Emergent clausal syntax for conversation: Swedish in a cross-language comparison (EGS), Academy of Finland, 2018–2022, ca 420 000 €.

o Research program Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska srpåk – kommunikativa mönster i sverigesvenska och finlandssvenska (IVIP) (Interaction and variation in pluricentric languages – Communicative patterns in Sweden Swedish and Finland Swedish), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (Bank of Sweden Tercentiary Foundation), 2013–2020, ca 4M €.

o Finnish Centre of Excellence in Reasearch on Intersubjectivity in Interaction, University of Helsinki/Academy of Finland, 2012–2016, ca 6M €.

  • Role in preparation of funding applications for a research group:

o   Member of core preparation group: The program Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska språk (Catrin Norrby); The CoE Intersubjectitivy in interaction (Marja-Leena Sorjonen); Svenskan i Finland: Syntaktiska drag i ett jämförande perspektiv (for the Swedish Literature Society in Finland) (Camilla Wide); Syntax of spoken Swedish and German (Peter Auer)

  • Leadership in research work

o   Leader of the project Emergent clausal syntax for conversation: Swedish in a cross-language comparison (EGS), Academy of Finland, 2018–2022.

o   PI and leader for the Helsinki team in the research program Interaktion och variation i pluricentriska srpåk – kommunikativa monster i sverigesvenska och finlandssvenska (IVIP), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, 2013–2020. Cooperated between Stockholm University, Helsinki University, Turku University and Institute for Language and Folklore (Sweden).

o   PI and research team leader (Linguistic and Non-Verbal Resources) in Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research on Intersubjectivity in Interaction, University of Helsinki/Academy of Finland, 2012–2016.

o   PI and leader (with Peter Auer) of the project Syntax of spoken Swedish and German, Academy of Finland and DAAD 2007–2009

o   Leader of the project NorDiga – Nordica Digital Archive; Digitalizing audio data, storage of the audio and transcriptions and metadata in the electronic database HELDA. University of Helsinki, Faculty of Arts, Scandinavian languages, 2007–2009

  • Supervision of post-doc researchers

o   Sofie Henricson (main supervisor); Martina Huhtamäki (main supervisor); Eveliina Tolvanen (main supervisor)

  • Supervision of doctoral theses:

-       Cajsa Ottesjö, University of Gothenburg, 2002–2005 (completed); secondary supervisor

-       Thorunn Blöndal, University of Helsinki, 2006–2015 (completed); main supervisor

-       Sofie Henricson, University of Helsinki, 2006–2013 (completed); main supervisor

-       Martina Huhtamäki, University of Helsinki, 2009-2015 (completed); main supervisor

-       Tiina Räisä, University of Helsinki, 2009– 2016(completed); main supervisor

-       Jonna Ahti, University of Helsinki, 2003–2017 (completed); main supervisor

- Heidi Poutanen, University of Helsinki, 2018-2022 (completed); supervisor

-       Jenny Sylvin, University of Helsinki, 2008– (to be completed in 2017); main supervisor

-       Olga Mezhevich, University of Helsinki, 2014-; main supervisor

-       Sara Rönnqvist, University of Helsinki, 2017–; main supervisor

-       Emilia Reitamo, University of Helsinki, 2019-; secondary supervisor

-       Maria Andersson-Koski, University of Helsinki, 2020-; main supervisor

-       Member of the supervisor pool in the national doctoral student school for linguistic research Langnet, the program for the structures of the language in use, 2007–2010.


9. Merits in teaching and pedagogical competence

  • For pedagogical training, see “4. Other education and training”
  • Curriculum planning:

-       Planning of Master’s level education: Leader for linguistic studies in Scandinavian languages and the curriculum reform in this education 2004–2005 (the “Bologna process”); member of planning group for the Master’s program in Scandinavian languages and literature in the Helsinki University study reform 2016.

-       Planning of doctoral education: Board member of the doctoral school in humanities and social sciences 2013; Supervisor and member of the board in the Helsinki University graduate school in Talk, action and interaction (Puhe, toiminta ja vuorovaikutus), 2009–2012; Chair for the committee for doctoral education, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, 2010–2013

  • Supervision of theses: officially appointed supervisor for 10 Master’s theses/academic year since 2006.


10. Awards, prizes and honours

  • Appointed as a member of Finnish Academy of Science, Helsinki, Sep 2019
  • Prize for a merited scientific author (“TUHAT prize”), Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, September 2017
  • Prize for a merited researcher (“Stora priset”), Oskar Öflunds stiftelse, Finland, 2012
  • Prize for a scientific monograph “Tur och ordning” (Swedish Interactional Grammar), February 5, 2009, Swedish Literature Society in Finland
  • Prize for doctoral dissertation, Helsinki, February 5, 2000, Swedish Literature Society in Finland


11. Other academic merits

  • PhD examinations

22 times committee member, University of Helsinki; 3 pre-examinations in Finland; 3 pre-dissertation opponentships in Sweden

  • Reviewer for professorhips and docentships (adjunct professorships)

-       The Linnaeus University, Sweden (Professor in Swedish 2021)

-       Uppsala University, Sweden (Professor in sociolinguistics, 2020)

-       The Linnaeus University, Sweden (adjunct professorship; docent, 2012)

-       Södertörn University, Sweden (Docent in Swedish 2012)

-       Mälardalens högskola, Sweden (Professor in Swedish with specialization in didactics, 2010)

-       Research Centre for the Domestic Languages, Finland (Research professor with speacialization in spoken language, 2006)

-       Uppsala University, Sweden (adjunct professor in Scandinavian languages, 2010)

-       Uppsala University, Sweden (adjunct professor in Scandinavian languages, 2006)

  • Reviewer for research grant applications

The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation; Vetenskapsrådet (Sweden); Academy of Finland; Ella och Georg Ehrnrooths stiftelse [2010, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016-2021] (Finland); Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (pre-evaluation) 2017.


  • Board memberships in the academia

-       Chair of Scandinavian Studies Association in Finland (Föreningen för nordisk filologi), 2000–2006

-       Member of board, Swedish Literature Society in Finland, 1998–

-       Member of board, Nordic studies, Renvall Institute, University of Helsinki, 2003–2009

-       Member of board, Centre for Nordic Studies CENS, University of Helsinki, 2005–

-       Member of board, Research commission for modern Swedish, Sweden, 2000–2003, 2004–2006, chair 2012-2013

-       Member of board (vice chair), Master’s program Culture and communication, Faculty of Humanities, University of Helsinki, 2006–2016

-       Member of board, Co-operation programme in Linguistics between the Universities of Helsinki and Stockholm, 2014-

  • Editor and refereeships

-       Editor in chief (and founder) for the Open Access journal “Språk och interaktion” 2008-

-       Regular referee appointments for the journals: Språk och stil, Folkmålsstudier, Journal of Pragmatics, Research on Language and Social Interaction, Constructions and Frames

  • Administrative responsibilties
    • Leader of the master’s program in Scandinavian languages and literatures, University of Helsinki. 2018–20, 2021-

-       Vice Dean, Faculty of Humanities, University of Helsinki, 2010–2013

-       Head of department, Scandinavian languages and literature, Uni Helsinki, 2005–06, 2007–09

  • Projects and networks

-       Researcher in the project Paul Sinebrychoffs brevsamling [Paul Sinebrychoff’s letter collection from 1899-1901]; University of Helsinki, 2014-2020

-       Founder and co-ordinator of the research network for Research in historical letters, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki, 2012-2018

-       Researcher in the project Language dynamics and management of diversity (DYLAN), co-leader of the local part project nr 14: Språklig mångfald inom den högre utbildningen i Finland och övriga Nordeuropa (Linguistic diversity in higher education in Finland and northern Europe), European Union  2007–2011

-       Researcher and member in the Helsinki University Research Community BAULT – Building and Use of Language Technology, 2005–2016

-       Member of NORMS – Nordic Centre of Excellence in Microcomparative Syntax, NOS-HS 2005–2010

-       Member of the project ScanDiaSyn (Scandinavian Dialect Syntax), NordForsk, Nordisk ministerråd, Nordplus språk, 2005–2008

-       Member of the project Finlandssvenska samtalsstrategier (SVESTRA), Academy of Finland 1999–2001

-       PhD student, researcher in the project A Finland Swedish text corpus (FISC), University of Helsinki 1992–1994

-       Scientific referee for the project Svenskan i Finland: syntaktiska drag i ett jämförande perspektiv (Swedish in Finland: syntactic features in a comparative perspective), 2003–2006, Swedish Literary Society in Finland.

  • Invited lectures (international; a selection)

-       Swedish Academy, Stockholm, March 14, 2016, “Svenska samtalsmönster och -kulturer. Ett pluricentriskt perspektiv” (Swedish communicative patterns and cultures. A pluricentric perspective), a colloquim on “Swedish and Finnish as pluricentric languages II”

-       Keynote speaker, Stockholm University (Sweden) September 2012 “Positionsberoende grammatik och interaktionens mikrohistoria (Positionally sensitive grammar and the microhistory of interaction) at the conference OFTI 30 (Research on Language and Interaction)

-       Roskilde University (Denmark) April 3, 2012, “Language Policies and practices at the University of Helsinki in a Nordic comparison”, also invited to conference Round Table; CALPIU conference “Higher education across borders: Transcultural interaction and linguistic diversity”

-       University of Caen (France) November 18, 2011 “Swedish in Finland – and in Sweden: pragmatic aspects of language variation” at the conference “Langues, identités et littératures de Finlande”

-       Uppsala University (Sweden), March 23, 2007 ”Grammatik i samtal – samtal i grammatik” (Grammar in conversation – conversation in grammar), a symposium on ”Grammatik på högskolan: vad, varför, hur?” (Grammar in the university – what, why and how?)

-       University of Bremen (Germany), May 22–24, 2006 ”Initial clausal negation in Swedish: an arealism?” at Linguistics Festival


12. Scientific and societal impact of own research

  • Volume of publications

119 scientific publications in total

87 peer reviewed scientific articles

12 non-refereed scientific articles

12 scientific books and special issues

5 publications intended for professional communities

3 theses

85 Publications available through Research Gate (since August 2015), 16.691 reads, 546 citations, Total research interest 490.9, RG Score 20.48, h-index 12 (by June 2021): https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jan_Lindstroem3

  • Web-administered database

JL created in 2007–2009 the database NorDiga. The Nordica digital archive (NorDiga) is an electronic database of spoken language data (documentation, recordings and transcriptions) that have been collected in sociolinguistic and conversation analytic research in the field of Scandinavian languages at the University of Helsinki, from 1970 to present day. The database comprises 16 sub-collections and in total 277 recordings/transcripts. The archive is administered by the University of Helsinki archiving service HELDA.Web access: https://helda.helsinki.fi/handle/10138/37?locale-attribute=en


Fields of Science

  • 6121 Languages
  • Interactional Linguistics
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Pragmatics
  • historical pragmatics
  • Construction Grammar
  • Language contacts
  • Variational pragmatics
  • Language Policies
  • Swedish Language
  • Grammar
  • Sociolinguistics

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.