Johan Edvard Ekroos
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Research interests

I am broadly interested in understanding joint and independent effects that changes in landscape structure and land-use intensity has on biodiversity, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services. In this context I have mainly been working with agricultural systems, but not exclusively so. Whilst my background is in natural sciences, specifically in landscape ecology, I currently primarily define myself as a researcher in environmental science with strong interdisciplinary aspirations, with past collaborations involving researchers in physical geography, political science, social environmental science, economic history, agricultural economy, human geography and sustainability sciences.

I worked as a researcher at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC), Lund University (LU), during 2011–2021 (postdoc in 2011–2013). During this time, I initiated and participated in several research projects, including those listed below that are still ongoing. I am still affiliated with CEC, LU, and currently I co-supervise five PhD students at LU.

  • BioSat: integrating landscape ecological approaches and agricultural intensity metrics using satellite remote sensing. Main collaborators: Lars Eklundh, Henrik G Smith, Abdulhakim M Abdi, Niklas Boke Olén, Peter Olsson. Funded by FORMAS and BECC to JE.
  • Organic farming as a tool to enhance resilience in production and biodiversity against droughts. Main collaborators: Romain Carrié, Henrik G Smith, Edith Hammer. Funded by FORMAS to JE.
  • Constraints on the expansion of organic farming in Sweden (co-supervisor of PhD student Melanie Karlsson. Main collaborators Henrik G Smith, Romain Carrié, Ingrid Öborn (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; SLU), Göran Bergkvist (SLU)).
  • Land4Biomass: production potential of agricultural biomass and policy instruments to promote a fossil-free society while meeting food production and environmental objectives (co-supervisor of PhD student Josefin Winberg; main collaborators Henrik G Smith, Pål Börjesson, Lars Eklundh, Yann Clough).
  • Preserving mobile insects in semi-natural grasslands – minding the matrix (co-supervisor of PhD student Julia Weber. Main collaborators: Henrik G Smith, Anna S Persson, Ola Olsson).
  • Driven by mutualists: how declines in pollinators impact plant communities and ecosystem functioning (co-supervisor of PhD student Yuanyuan Quan; main PI Yann Clough).
  • Green infrastructure and biodiversity (main collaborators: Maria von Post, Ola Olsson, Johanna Alkan Olsson, Åsa Knaggård, Anna S Persson).
  • Urban environmental stress and its impacts on birds (co-supervisor of PhD student Johan Kjellberg Jensen; main PI Caroline Isaksson).
  • Long-term trends in abundance and phenology using eDNA analyses of airborne bryophyte spores (main collaborators: Fia Bengtsson, Nils Cronberg, Per Stenberg (Umeå University)).
  • 2018 wildfires: forest management impact on above- and belowground ecosystem recovery (main collaborators: Natascha Kljun, Johannes Rousk, Lousie C Andresen (University of Gothenburg)).

Education/Academic qualification

Environmental Science, Docent, University of Lund

Award Date: 5 Mar 2021

Fields of Science

  • 4111 Agronomy

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