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Personal profile

Curriculum vitae

Juha Janhunen                                                                                                                      


Education and degrees awarded

1986  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, Finnish standard), Univ of Helsinki

1983  Licentiate of Philosophy (PhD, US standard), Univ of Helsinki

1976  Candidate of Philosophy (MA), Univ of Helsinki

1973  Candidate in the Humanities (BA), Univ of Helsinki

1970  Matriculated from high school, Helsinki Normal Lyceum


Professional appointments

1994  Professor in East Asian Studies, Univ of Helsinki, since  

1994  Appointed to the chair of Finno-Ugrian Studies, Univ of Oslo 

1988-1994  Senior research fellow, Academy of Finland, Helsinki 

1986-1994  Docent in North Asian Studies, Univ of Helsinki  

1987-1989  Acting professor in Finno-Ugrian studies, Univ of Helsinki

1985-1988  Junior research fellow, Academy of Finland, Helsinki 

1973-1985  Assistant, Univ of Helsinki, Dept of Finno-Ugrian studies 


Academic activities abroad

2006-2007  Visiting fellow, ILCAA, Tokyo Univ of Foreign Studies 

2001  Visiting fellow, Slavic Research Institute, Sapporo

1998  Honorary Professor, Inner Mongolia Univ, China, since

1994-1995  Visiting professor, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka 

1985-1986  Visiting research fellow, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka 

1977-1979  Mombusho research student, Japan 

1974  Visiting student, Hungary 

1971  Regular academic visits to the USSR/Russian Federation, since    


Academic memberships

2008  Elected member, Academia Europaea, London 

2003  Elected member, Societas Scientiarum Fennica, Helsinki 

1987  Founding member, Finnish Association of East Asian Studies 

1986  Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society, London 

1983  Member, Finnish Oriental Society, Helsinki 

1971  Member, Finno-Ugrian Society, Helsinki 

1970  Member, Finnish Literary Society, Helsinki 


Administrative positions

2010  Board Member, Finland-Northeast Asia Trade Association, since 

2008  President, Finlandssvensk Samling rf., since   

2004  President, Finnish-Tibetan Cultural Association, since

2004-2006  Director, Institute for Asian and African Studies, Univ of Helsinki 

1998  Vice-president, Finnish Oriental Society, Helsinki, since 

1984-1993  Secretary-General, Finno-Ugrian Society, Helsinki 

1991-2000  Board member, Finnish Association of East Asian Studies 

1983  Board member, Finnish Oriental Society, Helsinki, since  


Travels and field experience in Asia

1996-2009  Field work in Amdo Qinghai, 10 field periods 

1986-1994  Field work in Manchuria and Inner Mongolia, 8 field periods 

1990, 1996  Visits to southeastern China (Canton & Hong Kong) 

2001, 2003, 2007  Visits to southwestern China (Yunnan/Sichuan) 

1978–2001  Field excursions to the Ainu and Orok in Hokkaido, Japan 

1991  Research visit to the Russian Far East (Vladivostok) 

1989  Research visit to Buryatia    

1983, 2002  Research visits to South Siberia (Khakassia & Tuva) 

1976  Research and conference visits to Mongolia, since

1978, 2001, 2007  Visits to South Korea   

1976-2010  Trans-Siberian overland travel, 28 times between 


Fields of Science

  • 6160 Other humanities
  • Comparative Linguistics
  • Altaic Studies

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.