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In my research I have specialized in the field of literary multilingualism and in particular on the theory and methodology of textual multilingualism. After the completion of my doctoral thesis Att skriva sig över språkgränserna. Flerspråkighet i Jac. Ahrenbergs och Elmer Diktonius prosa (2014) [Crossing Linguistic Borders in Writing. Multilingualism in the Prose of Jac. Ahrenberg and Elmer Diktonius] I have explored new theoretical and methodological approaches to multilingualism in connection to contemporary literature in the research groups "Multilingualism in Contemporary Literature in Finland" (Kone Foundation 2014-2016) and "Late-Modern Spatiality in Finland-Swedish Prose 1990-2010" (The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland" 2014-2017). My current research project, based at the Society of Swedish Literature in Finland, is "Accents of Contemporary Literature. 'Broken Language' as Textual Feature, Theme and Poetic Method in Swedish language literature from Finland and Sweden after 2000". Among my research interests are multilingualism and intermediality, multimodality, spatiality and the role of readers. I have studied Finland's Swedish-language literature from the 1880's up until today, and in my current research I also investigate contemporary poetry and prose fiction from Sweden. As assistant professor of Nordic literature I have taught courses in early and modern Swedish and Finland-Swedish literature, literary theory and methodology on several levels, genre theory and literature & multilingualism.

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Docent i nordisk litteratur vid Helsingfors universitet. Utnämnd 27.9.2021.


Filosofie doktor i litteraturvetenskap, Åbo Akademi med avhandlingen Att skriva sig över språkgränserna. Flerspråkighet i Jac. Ahrenbergs och Elmer Diktonius prosa. Examen beviljad 6.5.2014. Vitsord: Laudatur.

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Universitetspedagogisk utbildning:

  • ”Universitetsundervisning och lärande” (5 sp) HT 2016
  • ”Undervisningens konstruktiva planering och utvärdering” (5 sp) HT 2016
  • "Att utvärdera lärande och ge respons" (5 sp) HT 2018
  • "Handledning vid universitetet och handledningspraktik" (5 sp) VT 2019
  • "Pedagogiskt ledarskap och utveckling av universitetsundervisning" (5 sp) VT 2021

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Postdoktoral forskare i litteraturvetenskap, Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland

1 Sept 201931 Aug 2023

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