Julie Yu-Wen Chen

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Description of research and teaching

Julie Yu-Wen Chen's research and teaching are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary. Even she is based at Department of Cultures at the Faculty of Arts, she does research and teaches across the realm of humanities and social sciences. Her research interests are:

  • China’s soft power
  • Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI)
  • China's influences in Central Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, & Nordic countries
  • Ethnic conflict in Xinjiang and its international implications
  • Theories of collective actions, interest groups, social networks & transnational advocacy networks
  • Globalization and glocalization

Among her courses are "Governance in China", "China's International Relations and Diplomacy", "Consumption of East Asian Economies" and others. 

Some of Julie Yu-Wen Chen’s papers can be freely downloaded below.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Hao, Yu-Fan (2020) Czech Perception of the Rise of China: A Survey among University Students. Asia Europe Journal 18(1): 157-175.

Hodzi, Obert; Chen, Yu-Wen (2019) Complexities of Representation: Chinese Outbound Tourists as De Facto Ambassadors in Southern Africa. Journal of China and International Relations 7(1): 108-128.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Yap, Ko-Hua, Lee, Joey Ying (2013) Tianditu: China’s First Official Online Mapping Service, Media, Culture & Society 35(2): 234-249.

Chen, Yu-Wen (2011) Quantitative Content Analysis of Chinese Texts?: A Methodological Note, Journal of Chinese Political Science  16(4): 431-443.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Jiménez-Tovar, Soledad (2017) China in Central Asia: Local Perceptions from Future Elites. China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies 3(3): 429-455.

Chen, Yu-Wen; Duggan, Niall (2016) Soft Power and Tourism: A Study of Chinese Outbound Tourism to Africa. Journal of China and International Relations 4 (1): 45-66.

Hodzi, Obert; Chen, Yu-Wen (2018) Follow the Flow: China’s Strategy to Global Leadership. China Quarterly of International Strategic Studies 4(1): 1-21.

Hodzi, Obert; Chen, Yu-Wen (2017) The Great Rejuvenation? China’s Search for a New ‘Global Order’. Stockholm: Institute for Security and Development Policy. 1-41.

Chen, Yu-Wen;Günther, Olaf (2016)China’s Influence in Uzbekistan: Model Neighbor or Indifferent Partner? China Brief 16 (17): 11-14.

Chen, Yu-Wen (2011) Transporting Conflicts via Migratory Routes: A Social Network Analysis (SNA) of Uyghur International Mobilization, NTS-Asia Research Paper No 5. Singapore: RSIS Center for Non-Traditional Security (NTS) Studies for NTS-Asia.

Chen, Yu-Wen (2010) Who Made Uyghurs Visible in the International Arena?: A Hyperlink Analysis, Global Migration and Transnational Politics (GMTP) Working Paper, Center for Global Studies. Fairfax, VA: George Mason University.

Lay, Jinn-Guey; Yap, Ko-Hua; Chen, Yu-Wen (2008) The Transition of Taiwan’s Political Geography, Asian Survey 48 (5): 773-793. 

Curriculum vitae

Julie Yu-Wen Chen is Professor of Chinese Studies at the Department of Cultures at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Helsinki (Finland) and Hosting Professor at the Department of Asian Studies at Palacky University (Czech Republic). Dr. Chen serves as one of the Editors of the Journal of Chinese Political Science (Springer, SSCI). She is also the academic liaison for the University of Helsinki at the Nordic NIAS Council based in Denmark as well as the Nordic Center in Fudan University, China. She is currently representing Finland in COST ACTION: China in Europe Research Network (European Cooperation in Science & Technology funded by EU Horizon 2020).

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Education/Academic qualification

Political Sciences, PhD in Social Sciences (Doktor der Sozialwissenschaften), University of Konstanz


Award Date: 28 May 2009

International Relations and Diplomacy, MA, Leiden University


Award Date: 17 May 2006

External positions

Hosting Professor, Palacky University

Fields of Science

  • 6160 Other humanities
  • Chinese Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Chinese Societies and Cultures
  • 5171 Political Science
  • Comparative politics
  • Public policy
  • 5172 Global Politics
  • China's International Relations

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.
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