Jussi Sipilä

Jussi Sipilä

Assistant Professor (Docent)

1988 …2021

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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Name:             Antti Jussi Sipilä


Present Position:

Adjunc professor (Docent) , University Researcher

University of Helsinki,

            Department of Chemistry

            P.O. Box 55

            SF-00014 University of Helsinki


            Phone: + 3580294150380

            e-Mail: jussi.sipila@helsinki.fi


Academic Qualifications:

• Principal investigator at University of Helsinki

            • 1982 - Master of Science (University of Helsinki)

            • 1993 - Doctor of Philosophy (University of Helsinki)

            • 2001 - Docent in Organic Chemistry (University of Helsinki, wood chemistry)


Previous Experience:

            •1983 - 1987 acting teaching assistant at the Organic Chemistry Lab. at UH Chem. Department

            • 1987 - 1998 teaching assistant at the Organic Chemistry Lab. at UH Chem. Department

            • 1998 - 2003 Post Doc researcher at UH: external funding, with personal scientific responsibility

            • 1983 - 2016 contrib. to teaching of practical synthetic organic chemistry (around 350h annually)

            • 2002 - 2016 university lecturer: basic and advanced organic chem. (around 12 ETCS annually)



Teaching Responsibilities:

                        • adjunct professor in Wood Chemistry

                        • lecturing basic orcanic chemistry at HY open university

                        • supervision of BSc and MSc (tot. approx. 50) and PhD students (5)

                        • 2 MSc and 3 PhD and 1 Post Doc at the moment


Research Interests:

            • lignin biosynthesis, plant cell wall formation

            • biomimetic and enzymatic oxidation of phenols and lignocellulose

            • lignin valorization in biorefineries

            • the reactivity of lignin during pulping and bleaching

            • synthesis and application of oligomeric lignin model compounds

            • chemistry of p-quinone methides and quinones

            • NMR structural determination of lignins and lignin-carbohydrate complexes (LCC)

            • LC-MS in analysis of lignocellulosic materials

            • synthesis of transition metal complexes


Publications and Patents:

            • Approx. 65 Peer reviewed articles and 70 extended congress publications (TUHAT res. portal)

            • 2 patents


Joint Research Projects under Scientific Responsibility:

            Starting from 1990, approx. 15 projects under scientific responsibility. Latest:

• Finnish academy: Dissecting aromatic metabolism in lignin degrading basidiomycete fungi “AROMAFUNG” (2016-2020). Consiortium with dos. Kristiina Hilden, Dept. of Food and Environmenrtal Science, Viikki.

• EU Horizon 2020: Fuel and Chemicals from lignin trough enzymetic and chemical conversion “FALCON”

 720918: H2020-NMBP-BIO-2016 (2017-2020)

• Novo Nordisk foundation 3year grant: Production of high quality lignin from plant biomass by enzymatic catalysis “LigniCat”. Joint project coordinated by dos. Kristiina Hilden, Dept. of Food and Environmenrtal Science, Viikki. (2016-2019).

• EU, contract NMP2-CT-2006-026456; White Biotechnology for added value products from renewable plant polymers: design of tailor-made biocatalysts and new industrial bioprocesses (BIORENEW), 2006-2010: Synthesis design and reactivity studies of lignin model compounds.

• The Academy of Finland, contract 124160, 2008-2012: Modeling of xenobiotic degradation by basidiomycete laccases.  Subproject: Experiments on lignin model compounds.

• Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation –project:Lignin Valorisation (LigniVal), 2008-2011: Subproject: Synthetic modification of isolated lignins.

• The Academy of Finland, contract 1133022  (2008-2012). Oxidoreductases and natural type mediators in fungal conversion of lignocellulose and lignin(LUOMUKAT).

• EU Wood-Wisdom ERA-net project, High-Value Products from Lignin Side-Streams of Modern Biorefineries (ProLignin), 2011-2014, Subproject in co-operation with North-Carolina State University (FidiPro emer. prof. Dimitris Argyropoulos).


PhD supervision:

1998-2005 in a theme: “Transition metal complex catalysed oxidation of phenolic compounds”. Thesis defended in June 2005.

2003-2013 in a graduate school Paper and Pulp Technology (PapSat). A joint research project with VTT Biotechnology (Dr. Anna Suurnäkki, Dr. Kristiina Kruus): “Reactivity and Reactions of Lignin Model Compounds with Oxidative Enzymes”. Thesis defended in June 2013.

• 2003 in a theme: “Catalytic oxidation of lignocellulosic materials-a study with lignin model compounds”. Moved to North Carolina State University and fulfilled degree there.

2009-2014 in a theme: "Palladium- and Copper-Catalyzed Reactions of Unsaturated Amines on Solid Support". Thesis defended in June 2014.

2008- in a theme: “Natural Mediators in Lignin Biodegradation, under processing

2009- in a theme: “Fatty Acid Esterification of Softwood Kraft Lignin for lignin valorization in biorefineries”.


Pro-Gradu supervision:

Supervision of BSc and MSc (tot. approx. 50). Latest:

•2015 Paloma Garcia 40 op. “Convenient preparation of a b-O-4 type lignin model trimer”

•2015 Jussi Kontro: “Naturally acylated structures in native lignins”

•2015: Ulisse Montanari “Synthesis of lignin star model compounds and their dehydrogenation polymer 




• 2016 Aurelie la Berre

• 2015 Markus Leicher 20 op. “Enzymatic oxidation of 3,5,dihydroxytoluene”

• 2014 Phillip Hoffman 10 op.: “Synthesis of tetramerin benzyl-ether LMC”



Acting as opponent:

• 2008, KTH Stockholm, Sweden. Anders Holmgren ”Biochemical Control Aspect in Lignin Polymerization”

• 2013, KTH Stockholm, Sweden. Xueyu Du “Deepening the insights of lignin structure and modification-Lignin carbohydrate complex (LCC) fractionation and lignin amination.


Acting as a rewiever:

Various journals from Springer and ACS etc. , approx.. 3-5 in a year since 2004.

Member ofAdvisory board in Holzforschung, International Journal in Biorefining

• Rewiever for master and doctoral thesis


Other activities:

• Member of leading group of UH Department of chemistry (2004-2010)

• Member of the faculty counsil (2010-  )

• Deputy member of the UH collegium (2010- )

• Member of the PhD Council in Chemistry of Milan-Bicocca University 2011-.

• YTHS Lokakuu 2013 ”Turvallinen työskentely oppilaslaboratoriossa” Jussi Sipilä, Leena Kaisalo ja Jarkko Ihanus, Helsingin yliopisto, Kemian laitos 

• Kemiauutiset  03/2010:  Chemistry of Lignocellulosics: synthesis to biotechnology


Acting as an opponent:

• 2008, KTH Stockholm, Sweden. ”Biochemical Control Aspect in Lignin Polymerization”

• 2013, KTH Stockholm, Sweden.”Deepening the insights of lignin structure: Lignin-carbohydrate complex (LCC) fractionation and characterization and Kraft lignin amination


Acting as a reviewer:

Various journals from Springer, Elsevier, RCS and ACS etc., approx. 3-5 in a year.

Member ofAdvisory board in Holzforschung, International Journal in Biorefining

• Reviewer for Master and Doctoral thesis


Created teaching material:

• Printed lecture material for basic organic chemistry (Finnish, 130 pages + exercises), advanced organic chemical reaction mechanisms (English, 100 pages + exercises), Wood Chemistry (English, 100 pages) and Safety in Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Finnish, 50 pages): http://reagenssi.kemia.helsinki.fi/nettilabra/turvallinen_laboratorio/index.html


Other activities:

Teaching basic organic chemistry at Helsinki University/Open University/ Avoin Yliopisto and Lignin Chemistry at Aalto University

• Member of department council of UH Department of Chemistry (2004-2010)

• Member of the faculty council (2010-  )

• Deputy member of the UH collegium (2010- )

•Member of the PhD Counsil in Chemistry: University of Milano-Bicocca

• Studies on classical solo singing and opera 1976-1984: Conservatory of Helsinki and Sibelius Academy



In collaboration with prof. Georg Gübits, BOKU, Austria 

Fields of Science

  • 116 Chemical sciences

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.