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Jyrki Jauhiainen was born on 1960's in Kiuruvesi, Finland. In 1985, after his Matriculation, he started studies on biology and chemistry in the University of Joensuu. During his studies, he started his work on boreal peatlands in year 1988 as a research assistant. The peatland related issues became his major interest and his affiliation as a research scientist includs University of Joensuu (FI), University of Lund (SE) and University of Helsinki (FI) in several international projects on peatlands in context of human impact on the soil-atmosphere carbon exchange. Jauhiainen was experienced in the effects of nitrogen and carbon dioxide on peat mosses and peatlands in boreal and temperate areas.

The work field expanded from boreal and temperate areas 1998, as he specialized in carbon cycle studies and the research methodology development on tropical peatlands. He has been leading Finnish researcher in the former EU-funded EUTROP and STRAPEAT projects, and project coordinator in EU-funded RESTORPEAT,  CARBOPEAT and AoF-funded KEYTROP, TROPEASS and (current) RETROPEAT projects. Other reaserch projects include for example APRIL-company funded SBMSP focusing carbon cycle on plantation peat soils, and expertise provided in capacity building project STEM. He has participated in two international working groups working on practical restoration in order to reduce carbon emissions from degraded tropical peatlands.

Dr. Jauhiainen's primary work activities in SE Asia (several locations in Indonesia), Malaysia and Vietnam are connected to C-fluxes in natural forests and reclaimed, degraded peatlands, as well experimental studies on ecosystem dynamics prior/after hydrological restoration of overdrained peat areas. He is also involved in developing methods and applications for tropical peat carbon cycle research. He is an expert on soil peat carbon related aspects of land management sustainability, nutrient cycling, biochemical and structural aspects of tropical peat. He has published several scientific articles on controls of carbon and nitrogen dynamics in tropical peatlands.

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