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Description of research and teaching

Scientific interests:                           

Latvian  hydronymics

Baltic comparative toponymics

Latvian and Lithuanian onomastics   (anthroponymics and toponymics)

Lexical parallels in Baltic languages

Academic courses (read at the University of Latvia):      

Lithuanian language II, III, IV (BA program)

Lithuanian language I, II (MA program)

Latin language I, II (BA program)

History of Lithuanian linguistics (MA program)

Introduction to Baltic mythology (BA program)

Introduction to anthroponymics (BA program)

Baltic onomastics (MA program)

Latvian and Lithuanian Comparative Grammar (MA program)

Lithuanian Grammatical Categories (MA program)

Lithuanian-Latvian translation course (MA program)

Academic courses (read at the University of Helsinki):   

Latvian language I, II, III (begin., intermediate and advanced level)

Baltic languages and nations

Latvian culture and history

Prefixation of Latvian verbs

Baltic onomastics

Latvian and Lithuanian Comparative Grammar

Latvian Colloquial Language

Texts and Contexts

Proseminar and Seminar in Baltic Languages

Fields of Science

  • 6121 Languages
  • Baltic languages
  • onomastics
  • lexicology
  • lexicography

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.