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Lieselott Nordman teaches at the Master's program in Scandinavian languages ​​and literatures, the Bachelor's program in Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies and the Master's program in Translation and Interpretating (Swedish translation). She worked as a part-time teacher at the Faculty of Law for ten years, 2010-2020, teaching Legal Swedish.

She teaches i.e. legal translation, legal Swedish, professional translation from Finnish to Swedish, professional writing, writing in the workplace, Finland-Swedish society and culture, text analysis and plain language.

She supervises doctoral (doctoral dissertations in Scandinavian languages (Swedish), master's and bachelor's thesis.

She is currently supervising three doctoral dissertations in Scandianvian Languages ​​at the University of Helsinki. She is main supervisor for Marion Kwiatkowski and co-supervisor for Olga Mezhevich and Maria Andersson-Koski. In spring Satu Siltaloppi, one of Lieselott Nordman Phd-students, finnished her Phd-thesis and had her public defence.

Lieselott Nordman was opponent at Ida Seljeseth´s doctoral dissertation, University of Oslo, in 2021 and opponent at Ylva Byrman's doctoral dissertation at the University of Gothenburg in 2018 and pre-examiner (skuggopponent) for Saga Bendegard's doctoral dissertation at Uppsala University in 2013.

 Lieselott Nordman's research interests include:

  • Legal translation
  • Institutional translation and institutional communication
  • Translation sociology
  • LSP as a professional identity marker
  • Writing in professional settings
  • Language and responsibility
  • Language and identity
  • Machine translation as part of the translator's work
  • Plain language / Language Planning
  • Finland-Swedish sign language
  • Easy-to-read texts and translation of and to easy-to-read text


She has on several occasions given guest lectures on legal translation and legal language at e.g. European Commission in Brussels and Luxembourg and at the European Council in Brussels.



Fields of Science

  • 6121 Languages
  • Scandinavian Laguages
  • Swedish
  • Translation Studies
  • Legal translation
  • Legal Language
  • Legal Swedish
  • Plain language
  • Professional writing
  • Language and identity
  • LSP - Language for Special Purposes

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