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Project Manager of The Centre for Educational Assessment, University of Helsinki and of the National Network for Developing Assessment Literacy KAARO

Working at the CEA includes various aspects from writing funding applications and grant proposals to budgeting and HR, setting project timetables and reporting schedules to working on educational assessment and in-service teacher training projects.

Research interests:

My research is focused on teachers assessment literacy. I'm especially interested in assessment cultures, teachers' assessment literacy, computer-based education, science communication, in-service teacher training, research based decision making and pedagogical cultures. My research is focused on teachers assessment literacy and formative + summative assessment. I'm working on my articles at The Centre for Educational Assessment (CEA), Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki and in the doctoral school of SEDUCE. 


I've worked as an upper secondary school mathematics and chemistry teacher and an STEAM expert teacher at the city of Helsinki. I have developed and trained many in-service and preservice teacher training courses and projects from 2009 and met over 5000 teachers during this time period. Currently I teach mostly assessment related courses and work as a responsible teacher in the in-service teacher training courses and MOOC at the National Network for Developing Assessment Literacy KAARO. I have actively trained over 2500 teachers during the past five years for developing their assessment literacy. I have also taught pre-service subject didactics on assessment at the Department of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki.

Assessment projects

Being strongly involved at the work of the Assessment Committee of the "Evaluation of Learning and Competencies in Basic Education an General Upper Secondary Education 04/2017-04/2019", The Finnish Education Evaluation Centre (FINEEC) has given me a large scale view over Finnish assessment culture, assessment practices and assessment literacy. 

At the moment I'm writing articles from data of my previous projects and collecting new data in three of our research projects: KUPERA, SOPE and KAARO Network.

Fields of Science

  • 516 Educational sciences
  • Assessment
  • Educational Assessment
  • Professional Development
  • Quantitative Research
  • Qualitative Research
  • Teachers
  • Teacher training

International and National Collaboration

Publications and projects within past five years.