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Projects 1999 2023


ICAAP: Increasing Carbon Accumulation in Arctic Peatlands

Gallego-Sala, A., Charman, D., Anderson, K., Amesbury, M., Crichton, M., Garneau, M., Fortier, D., Väliranta, M., Koroleva, N., Beilman, D., Swidles, G., Brovkin, V., Kleinen, T. & Joos, F.


Project: Research project

TundraPEAT: Peat Expansion in Arctic Tundra - Pattern, Process, and the Implication for the Carbon Cycle

Yu, Z., Camill, P., Frolking, S., Loisel, J., Zhuang, Q., Väliranta, M., Korhola, A. & +11, I. C.


Project: Research project

Temporal Scale Changes in Species Distributions in Boreal Peatlands

Kylander, M. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project

Ecosystem and species distribution change over time: a metagenomic approach

Parducci, L., Wohlfarth, B. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project

Vegetation dynamics and function in boreal peatlands as regulated by water level changes

Tuittila, E., Kokkonen, N., Gong, J., Mehtätalo, L., Korrensalo, A. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project

Lateglacial climate variability, impacts and teleconnections

Wohlfarth, B., Schenk, F., Väliranta, M. & Muschitello, F.

01/01/2014 → …

Project: Research project

Past monsoon dynamics in NE Asia

Wohlfarth, B. & Väliranta, M.

01/05/2011 → …

Project: Research project

Peatland Ecology Group in the University of Helsinki (PEATLANDERS)

Badorek, T., Jauhiainen, J., Juottonen, H., Juutinen, S., Kaila, A., Kojola, S., Koskinen, M., Kotiaho, M., Laiho, R., Laine, A., Lampela, M., Larmola, T., Leppälä, M., Maanavilja, L., Minkkinen, K., Mäkiranta, P., Ojanen, P., Pearson, M., Peltoniemi, K., Putkinen, A., Riutta, T. E., Sarkkola, S., Seppä, H., Sipilä, T., Straková , P., Tuittila, E., Ťupek, B., Vasander, H., Väliranta, M., Yli-Petäys, M. & Yrjälä, K.

23/02/2011 → …

Project: Research Evaluation 2011

Glacial-interglcial environmental changes in Fennoscandia

Helmens, K., Väliranta, M., Engels, S. & Shala, S.

01/01/2007 → …

Project: Research project


Marine isotope stage 3 in Canada

Finkelstein, S., Dalton, A. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project

Long-term high latitude peatland and carbon dynamics

Väliranta, M., Zhang, H., Amesbury, M., Gallego-Sala, A. & Charman, D.


Project: Research project

Impacts of climate change on Arctic peatland functioning and ecology

Tuittila, E., Väliranta, M., Juutinen, S., Lohila, A. & Aurela, M.


Project: Research project

Biomarkers - new potential method to study highly humified peat components

Väliranta, M., Ronkainen, T., Tuittila, E. & McClymont, E.


Project: Research project

Hiidenvesi restoration project

Väliranta, M., Weckström, J. & Kaukolehto, M.


Project: Research project


Chambers, F., Korhola, A., Seppä, H., Väliranta, M. & Sarmaja-Korjonen, K. M.


Project: Research project


Laine, J., Korhola, A., Tuittila, E. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project


Kuhry, P., Eronen, M., Kultti, S. & Väliranta, M.


Project: Research project


Huntley, B., Eronen, M., Väliranta, M. & Seppä, H.


Project: Research project