Rogier Nieuweboer
  • PL 24 (Unioninkatu 40)




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- Dutch is spoken by 23 million people in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium)

- Holland is Finland's fourth largest trade partner (import & export)

- Students of Dutch at Helsinki University have found employment at the Embassies of the Netherlands and Belgium in Finland, in EU institutions in Brussels and Finland, and as translators




Dutch Language and Literature (minor subject, 25 ECTS)

      Language Module

       - Dutch 1A (4 hours/week, autumn term; 4 ECTS; level 0 > A1)

       - Dutch 1B (4 h/w, spring term; 4 ECTS; level A1 > A2)

       - Dutch 2A (4 h/w, autumn term; 4 ECTS; level A2 > B1.1)

       - Dutch 2B (4 h/w, spring term; 4 ECTS; level B1.1 > B1.2)

      Culture Module

       - Dutch Literature (2 h/w, autumn term; 3 ECTS)

       - Culture of Belgium and the Netherlands (2 h/w, autumn term; 3 ECTS)

       - History and Modern Development of the Dutch Language (2 h/w, spring term; 3 ECTS)


All courses of these modules can be taken as self-study courses; for Dutch Literature, a special self-study online (Moodle) course is available.


Advanced courses in Dutch Language (not part of the minor subject)

     - Dutch 3 (self-study online (Moodle) course; 3-5 ECTS; level B1.2 > B2)

     - Dutch 4 (2 h/w, autumn and spring term; 3-5 ECTS/term; entrance level B2)


Yiddish for Students of German (YSG – taught in German)

     - YSG I (2 hours/week; 3-4 ECTS)

     - YSG II (2 hours/week; 3-4 ECTS)

     - YSG III (2 hours/week; 3-4 ECTS)

These courses are offered at students’ request; no more than one level per term.

E.g. YSG I – autumn term 2015; YSG II – spring term 2016.





- Consultations on Dutch society and language for future embassadors to the Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Consultations on Dutch language and culture, Embassy of Belgium in Finland

- Expert of Dutch for the Authorised Translator’s Exams, Finnish National Board of Education

- Working group on the teaching of Dutch language and culture in Finland (with Dr Lieven Ameel and MA Maritta Moisio)

Fields of Science

  • 6121 Languages
  • Dutch language and culture; Dutch as a Foreign Language; Mennonite Low German; Dutch and Low German Dialectology; Sprachinsel Language Varieties; Yiddish; e-learning