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Xenia Zeiler is Professor of South Asian Studies at the Department of Cultures, Faculty of Arts, University of Helsinki.

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Xenia Zeiler's research and teaching are situated at the intersection of digital media, culture, and society, specifically as related to India and global Indian communities. Her focus within this wider field of digital culture is video games and gaming research, in India and beyond. Closely related to and supporting this are her other major research areas: In order to understand how digital spaces such as social media or video games, and more traditional media formats such as film or TV, shape and are shaped by various actors, she researches and teaches digital religion, popular culture, cultural heritage, and mediatization processes. 

Fields of Science

  • 6160 Other humanities
  • Digital Culture Asia
  • South Asian Studies
  • Digital Religion
  • Video Game Research
  • (Global) Digital Humanities
  • Tantric Studies
  • Communication and Media Studies Asia
  • Asian Studies

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