H&M Conscious Foundation - Global Change Award 2015

  • Arno Parviainen (Recipient), Alistair William Thomas King (Recipient), Ilkka Antero Kilpeläinen (Recipient), Michael Hummel (Recipient), Herbert Sixta (Recipient), Anne Michud (Recipient), Shirin Asaadi (Recipient), Pirjo Kääriäinen (Recipient), Marjaana Tanttu (Recipient) & Ali Harlin (Recipient)

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This was awarded for the efforts of University of Helsinki (Alistair King, Arno Parviainen & Ilkka Kilpeläinen) in the ionic liquid design, Aalto University (Michael Hummel, Anne Michud, Shirin Asaadi, Pirjo Kääriäinen, Marjaana Tanttu & Herbert Sixta) for the fibre-spinning technology development and VTT (Ali Harlin) for provision of recycled cotton to demonstrate the potential application of this technology within a circular economy concept.
Degree of recognitionInternational
OrganisationsH&M Conscious Foundation