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Landscape management planning and training for the environment in Southern Sudan (LAMPTESS)

Luukkanen, O., Laxen, J., Elfadl, M., Haapanen, R., Hares, M., Zhou, P., Husgafvel, R., Deng, B. & Omoro, L.


Project: Research project

Active Suns

Käpylä, P., Mantere, M. & Hackman, T.


Project: Research project

Assessment of the role of Science and Technology in the UNCCD Operations

Laxen, J., Kaarakka, V., Luukkanen, O. & Elfadl, M.


Project: Research project

Trees, Agroforestry and Land-Use in Dryland Africa (TALDA)

Luukkanen, O., Laxen, J., Elfadl, M., Eskonheimo, A., Elshibli, S., ElAmin, R. & Mohamed, G. A.


Project: Research project

SOFIN@NOT project 'Magnetic field polarity in active late-type stars'

Tuominen, I., Ilyin, I., Mantere, M., Hackman, T., Käpylä, P., Lindborg, M., Piskunov, N., Kochukhov, O., Carroll, T., Järvinen, S., Kopf, M., Korhonen, H. & Joki-Huuki, S.

01/01/2004 → …

Project: Research project

Improvement of traditional Acacia senegal agroforestry in the Sudan

Luukkanen, O., Elfadl, M., Gaafar Mohamed, A. & Raddad, E.


Project: Research project

The Material Renaissance: Costs and Consumption in Italy, 1300-1650

Hohti, P., Welch, E., O'Malley, M., Allerston, P., Butters, S., Molà, L., Hollingsworth, M., Guerzoni, G., Matchette, A., Taylor, V., Currie, E., Melograni, A., Wharton, S. & Shepherd, R.


Project: Research project

Carbon Sequestration and Soil Fertility on African Drylands: Implications for Food and Woodfuel Production, Land Rehabilitation and Community Development (CASFAD)

Luukkanen, O., Elfadl, M., Sharawi, H., Raddad, E., Warrag, I., Starr, M., Sanjak, E., Kalame, F. B., Alam, S. A., Deng, B., Abaker, W. & Fahmi, M.


Project: Research project

Pluralism in criminal law

Lahti, R.


Project: Research project

Military criminal justice

Lahti, R.


Project: Research project

LAMPTESS Demo farm capacity building

Elfadl, M.


Project: Research project

Rapid formation of language-related memory circuits in the human neocortex

Leminen, A., Balla, V. & Shtyrov, Y.


Project: University of Helsinki Three-Year Research Project

HYTE: Hybrid Terrorizing

Sumiala, J., Tikka, M. & Harju, A. A.


Project: Research project

Share: Share johtoryhmä

Roos, J. P.

Project: Research project

The Role of Religion in the Public Sphere. A comparative Study of the Five Nordic countries

Tervo-Niemelä, K., Furseth, I., Pål, R., Lövheim, M., Pettersson, P., Christensen, H. R., Bäckström, A., Lundby, K., Sjö, S., Kühle, L. & Botvar, P. K.


Project: Research project

International Research on Confirmation Work

Schweitzer, F., Ilg, W., Simojoki, H., Lagger, D., Christensen, L., Innanen, T., Tervo-Niemelä, K., Porkka, J., Hoeg, I. M., Krupka, B., Pettersson, P. & Schlag, T.


Project: Research project


Kulmala, M. & Korhola, A.


Project: Research project

AISARES: Graduate school in airborne imaging spectroscopy application and research in Earth sciences

Pellikka, P., Heinilä, A. M. K., Takala, T., Mõttus, M., Zou, X., Leppäranta, M., Hyyppä, J., Sucksdorff, Y., Hyvärinen, T., Kirsikka, H. & Zou, X.


Project: Research project

PIQON - Pediatric Image Quality Optimisation and Organ Dosimetry Research Network in Radiology

Kortesniemi, M., Toroi, P., Ihalainen, T., Savolainen, S., Kaasalainen, T. T., Palmu, K., Reijonen, V., Sairanen, V., Jenu, S., Kelaranta, A., Koivisto, J., Lampinen, A., Louhelainen, J., Mäkelä, T. O., Nikupaavo, U. & Lauerma, K.

01/09/2014 → …

Project: Research project

Pedofiilin politiikkaa

Sorainen, A.


Project: Research project

Climate change research at the Taita Research Station

Pellikka, P., Rikkinen, J., Itkonen, P. & Laakso, J.


Project: Research project

Recreating Belongingness: Neotraditionalism in the Multicultural Russian North

Siikala, A., Survo, A., Lukin, K., Misharina, G., Ulyashev, O. & Ilyina, I.


Project: Research project

Legume Futures; Legume-supported cropping systems for Europe

Stoddard, F., Nykänen, A., Lindström, K. & Simojoki, A.


Project: Research project

Medical Physics: BNCT & Medical Imaging (BNCTMI)

Savolainen, S.


Project: Research Evaluation 2011


Isolation and characterization of antimicrobial compounds from African medicinal plants

Fyhrquist, P. J., Laakso, I., Vuorela, H., Julkunen-Tiitto, R., Salih, E. & Mgbeahuruike, E. E.


Project: Research project


Chambers, F., Korhola, A., Seppä, H., Väliranta, M. & Sarmaja-Korjonen, K. M.


Project: Research project

Interfaces in the Mesolithic Stone Age of Eastern Fennoscandia

Rankama, T., Hertell, E., Manninen, M. A. & Tallavaara, M.


Project: Research project