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PHOENIX: COST Action CA19123

Wolff, L.


Project: Research project

ORCheSSE​: Online resources for Chemical Safety in Science Education​

Lampiselkä, J., Myllyviita, A., Pernaa, J., Salmijärvi, J. & Vesterinen, V.


Project: Other project

RaMePOC: Racism, Mental Health and Young People of Colour

Kurki, T.


Project: Research project

Seats of Power: Ethnographies of Constituted Space

Minkkinen, P.

01/09/2020 → …

Project: Research project

YLLI: Yhdenvertainen liikunnallinen lähiö

Muukkonen, P. & Toivonen, T.


Project: Research project

Environmental RNAi for pathogen control

Poranen, M.


Project: Research project

A cultural history of queer domesticities in Norway - a submitted research project proposal for Norwegian Research Council

Sorainen, A., Hellesund, T., Engebretsen, E. L., Cook, M. & Vider, S.


Project: Research project

COREDEX: Red Columnaria: Crown of Aragon Node

Ruiz Ibáñez, J. J., Pardo Molero, J. F. & Aguilera López , A. J.

01/08/2020 → …

Project: Research project

A plasmid goes viral: Understanding the origin and evolution of viruses by studying a newly discovered virus-like element.

Huiskonen, J., Erdmann, S., Eichler, J. & Tischler, N.


Project: Research project

ALIHAS: A Linguistic Investigation of Hate Speech: How to identify it and how to avoid it

Cruschina, S., Gianollo, C., Borreguero Zuloaga, M., Marzo, S., Paleta, A., Sorace, A., Garraffa , M., Cavirani, E. & De Pascale, S.


Project: Other project

COVID19 BEAMitup: Diagnostic test SARS-CoV-2 and surrogate biological standard for sanitization validation

Pozas, C., Del Casale, A., Sánchez, G., Baldo, M. & Poranen, M.


Project: Research project

MEMOs: Medieval and Early Modern Orients (MEMOs)

Holmberg, E. J.

18/06/2020 → …

Project: Research project