A History of Our Home as Narratives: Experiential Töysä in Temporal Frame


The aim of the project is to research how people view and experience Töysä as their home. The key elements of home will be identified in order to form a comprehensive cultural and local-history interpretation of the region. How do the residents of Töysä see their home in 2010s? What are the key elements of the region? What makes it different from its surroundings? Why and how Töysä has become like this?

In order to identify the key elements of Töysä a series of workshops will be arranged. Methods such as elicitation group discussions and group walk will be used. Workshops are carried out in co-operation with local associations. Furthermore, an open call for personal narratives with geographic information is given. The collected data are transcribed and archived. An edited documentation ebook will be published. The data will also be made use of in the future historiographical projects in Töysä and Alavus.

Effective start/end date06/04/201731/12/2018