ActSHEN Action for Sustainability in Higher Education in the Nordic region


This project will be carried out by five teams; from the University of Iceland, School of Education; Uppsala University, CEMUS and Department of Education; University of Helsinki, Department of Chemistry; the Iceland Academy of the Arts; Stockholm University, Department of Mathematics and Science Education.

The goal of the ActSHEN project is to develop a model and guidelines for working with sustainability in higher education with an emphasis on student-driven initiatives. The aim is to investigate ways in which participatory and collaborative education for sustainability can be strengthened in universities. The project is guided by two specific questions:
• What types of student-driven activities in higher education lead students, teachers and staff to richer understanding and better preparedness to work with sustainability issues?
• What actions are needed to support and encourage university teachers and students who wish to work with and for sustainability?

ActSHEN is designed as a three-year project and the four projects teams represent a diversity of topics but have in common developmental work in higher education, experience in higher education for sustainability and a serious interest in understanding how to enhance student-driven education in university settings. Student-driven higher education can build on participatory or collaborative approaches, peer learning, active involvement, agency, co-responsibility and partnerships within and outside the academy. Higher education about and for sustainability requires these same characteristics and in addition transdisciplinary developments within higher education are needed.
Effective start/end date31/08/201331/08/2016