Advancing the dialogue on pathways towards development of sustainable forest landscapes for production of wood for energy and the bioeconomy-collaboration, data, research, monitoring and governance

  • Stupak, Inge (Project manager)
  • Smith, C. Tattersall (Participant)
  • Clarke, Nicholas (Participant)
  • Lazdina , Dagnija (Participant)
  • Morris, Dave M. (Participant)
  • Helmisaari, Heljä-Sisko (Participant)
  • Varnagiryte-Kabasinskiene, Iveta (Participant)
  • Nichiforel, Liviu (Participant)
  • Varik , Mats (Participant)
  • Dwivedi, Puneet (Participant)

Project Details


Study tour and forest carbon modeling workshop in the Baltic States (postponed to 2021)
Short titleSNS grant N2020-06
Effective start/end date13/01/202031/12/2021