Agency, Responsibility, and Trust in the Corporate World: A Philosophical Study

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Corporate agents, corporate action, and socially responsible corporate actions are topics of multidisciplinary discussion and debate in social sciences aiming at social relevance. Corporate agency and corporate action are ubiquitous in social life. Understanding and being able to explain them are crucial for understanding the object of study in various social scientific fields, such as economics, political science, or sociology. The research of this project will provide philosophical foundations and a conceptual framework for theoretical and empirical work on the multidimensional and multidisciplinary phenomenon of corporate agency and corporate action. The outcome will be a philosophical account of the key concepts of corporate agency and corporate action grounding and enabling fruitful theorizing on both descriptive empirical and normative dimensions of the phenomenon. The project will provide what can be called a group agent account of corporate agency and corporate action. The research is divided into the following four themes: (1) The ontology and nature of corporate agents, (2) Corporate agency and action: we-reasoning, planning and decision making, (3) Corporate action as cooperation in the context of hierarchy and authority, (4) Corporate agents and responsibility. The impact of the project consists of providing a clarifying and unifying conceptual and philosophical framework for the debates and empirical research on such topics as corporate agents and democracy, corporate agents and individuals, corporate social responsibility, corporate social
responsiveness, corporate citizenship, globalization and corporate agents. Hence, the research of the project will make an impact on a field of research, which is extremely important for understanding and developing the modern social world. However, as the research is philosophical in nature the impact will be indirect, via the work in special sciences utilising the philosophical framework developed in the project and eventually making an impact on the society via evidence based institutional design.
Effective start/end date01/08/201731/07/2021