Agents - Towards children’s efficacious agency in formal and informal contexts

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    This research project contributes to the Skidi Kids research programme by identifying factors both promoting and
    hindering children?s efficacious agency in the formal and informal contexts of childhood. In this research project,
    we explore the potential of theoretical concepts of self-efficacy, resilience and agency in order to define 'efficacious
    agency' at theoretical and empirical levels. Our hypothesis is that young children are not merely reactive, passive
    and controlled either by environmental or by biological forces but that through efficacious agency they can make
    themselves more efficacious, proactive and self-regulating. Initial progressive refinement of our hypotheses will
    guide the next phases in the research project whose major goal is to create and use stimulations as pedagogical
    methods and tools for supporting the development of children?s efficacious agency in diverse contexts. In following
    this line of thought, the main principal in the research project is to consider children as co-researchers who are
    active participants in data production and interpretation for the promotion of their efficacious agency. This approach
    requires the refinement of video research methods to meet the authentic worlds and voices of children. In sum, this
    research project contributes to global efforts that aim to prevent marginalisation and inequality in children's
    participation and well-being. Focus on children's efficacious agency, its development and support mechanisms are
    powerful means to make negative developmental trends positive for every child.
    Effective start/end date01/01/201030/04/2014


    • Suomen Akatemia