Ancient Myths and Texts in Helsinki

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    The mythical figures and text passages of Ancient culture reach from the Mediterranean to the extreme north of Helsinki. While in the neoclassical architecture Graeco-roman features were essential, Antiquity as a source of inspiration was not lost with consequent architectural styles, even if the links became less obvious. In the facades of later buildings there are several reliefs drawing from ancient iconography, and numerous freestanding statues bear mythical names. Additionally, there are several street names and other places inspired by ancient nomenclature, and Latin texts of various lengths both in the open and in the interiors. Some are direct loans from ancient literature, while others are connected to the Finnish history.

    This research aims at collecting, cataloguing and analysing all this material, excluding graveyards and other written ecclesiastical documents already covered and published by R. Pitkäranta in 2004. We will study in what kind of connections and periods, on whose initiative and how these written and pictorial documents came to be. We will also examine in what extent ancient models were followed or modified, and further, how the public reacted. As a whole this research is about the later influence of Ancient culture in the north, both geographically and chronologically far from the centres of power.

    The research is carried out in cooperation with Ilkka Kuivalainen MA, and Suvi Randén MA, both doctoral students in the University of Helsinki, in the Department of World Cultures and the Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies.
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