Art Navigator 2, Development project for contemporary art education supported by Finnish National Agency for Education

  • Myllyntaus, Oona (Other)
  • Urpo-Koskinen, Marketta (Project manager)
  • Korpijaakko, Kastehelmi (Other)

Project: Other project

Project Details

Description (abstract)

The national project for contemporary art
education was launched in the fall of 2012 involving 11 visual art
schools across Finland. Student-centered pedagogy was at the heart
of this development project and the shared theme was “Urban Art”. The entire community – teachers, students and local residents – participated in the project (2012-2015).
Short titleArt Navigator 2
Effective start/end date28/08/201231/05/2015

Fields of Science

  • 6132 Visual arts and design
  • Contemporary arts
  • Student-centered pedagogy
  • Community art
  • Urban art