Baltic Ecological Recycling Agriculture and Society (BERAS)

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The BERAS was financed through the INTERREG III Community Initiative, the Agricultural Ministry of Finland, the Environmental Ministry of Finland, the province adminstration of South Savo and the Municipality of Juva and some others sources. Prof. John Sumelius was coordinating WP3"Evaluation of Economic Consequences and Improvements. Overall coordination of the project was carried out by Dr. Artur Granstedt, Sweden. The Finnish part was coordinated by Dr. Helena Kahiluoto/Dr. Laura Seppänen from University of Helsinki, Mikkeli Institute for Rural Research and traning.
The aim of WP3 was to assess the economic consequences of local ecological farning for the actors involved, basically farms, and to come up recommendations for improvement. Assessment of possibilities and constraints of switching to locally produced and consumed ecological production in certain municipalities in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany. Consumer survey is included. Methods are based on case studies of farms complemented witn scenarios, production cost calculation and linear programming. Cross-country comparisons will be carried out. This project was a project in co-operation with University of Helsinki, Mikkeli, MTT Agrifood Research Finland, South Savo Regional Environment Centre, Swedish University of agricultural Sciences, Biodynamic Research Insititute Sweden, Fyn County Denmark, ZALF Centre for Agricultural Landscape and Land Use Research.
Effective start/end date01/02/200331/12/2005

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