Brand Nationalism: Neoliberal Statecraft and the Politics of Nation Branding in Macedonia

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This book project examines how the state sponsorship of nation branding intersects with emergent forms of governance and social regulation. Nation branding—understood here as the directed effort to formulate national identity as a commodity that can add value to goods and services—has increased exponentially in recent years, reflecting a growing dependence of national economies on global markets. Proponents of nation branding celebrate it as an effective strategy to lure foreign investment and tourism in order to stimulate economic growth. This project, however, investigates "the politics of nation branding" and the heightened regulation of public communication and public space that often accompany state-sponsored nation-branding campaigns.

Based on anthropological research in Macedonia, "Brand Nationalism" addresses an issue that is both timely and significant: nation branding and the remaking of state power under conditions of finance capitalism. The work develops an innovative approach to this phenomenon, attending to how nation-branding initiatives seek to regiment public spheres to serve the entrepreneurial aims of the state. The project thus promises a novel interpretation of nation branding and its political consequences as well as a new theoretical elaboration of contemporary state power and the politics of communication.
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