Building Institutional Capacity in Leadership and Management of Ethiopian Universities

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Description (abstract)

A HEI-ICI Project funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The three major result areas of the project are:
a. Strengthening the academic knowledge base of Higher Education Management and Leadership (HEML) by opening joint PhD programme in higher education leadership and management (Result Area 1, PhD training),
b. Disseminating the expertise in HE Leadership and Management to the higher education institutions and departments by strengthening professional training in higher education leadership and management (Result Area 2, professional training), and
c. Supporting the development of African Network of Centres for Higher Education Research and Development (ANCHERD) in Ethiopia, South-Africa and Uganda to strengthen the research and development capacity in field of the leadership and management of higher education (Result Area 3, African network)
Effective start/end date01/03/201731/12/2020